5 Fashion And Beauty Youtubers To Watch And Subscribe To

YouTube has many Youtubers that specializes in fashion and beauty content, and I am going to be recommending 5 of them.

Aly Art

Knowing about your face shape, body type and skin overtone and undertone can allow you to look your best.

If you’re trying to figure out where you fit in when it comes to face shape, body type and skin overtone and undertone, Alyona Yarushina’s YouTube channel Aly Art has numerous YouTube videos that’ll allow you to determine what’ll enhance and diminish your outer appearance.

Jackie Wyers

If you’re a person that loves watching other people recreate hair and makeup looks that have become synonymous with pop culture, then you’ll love Jackie Wyers’ YouTube channel.

Jackie has been recreating popular pop culture looks since June 2012, and her accurate and detail-oriented recreations have allowed her to collaborate with Essie and get 871,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Fashion Mentor

Want to become a successful fashion stylist or learn more about the fashion industry? Then watch Fashion Mentor on YouTube.

Brittany Diego is a celebrity fashion stylist who gives fashion advice, creates fashion content and offers fashion mentoring on various platforms, and her short and informative YouTube videos reflect that.


Do you love hearing about how fashion has become a part of our daily lives with help from music, movies and television? Then anonymous Canadian female Youtuber goodytwoshoes will be great for you.

Goodytwoshoes has created and posted 10 YouTube videos on her channel, and those videos have thoroughly analyzed style aesthetics, movies, tv shows, men’s fashion, celebrity fashion icons and cheerleaders.

Too Much Mouth

Some Youtubers can be dishonest when they’re reviewing and analyzing fashion and beauty products and brands for superficial reasons, but Shanygne is not one of those people.

Shanygne has been creating and posting videos on her YouTube channel Too Much Mouth since 2015, and she has gained 240,000 YouTube subscribers by sharing her honest opinion about new makeup releases, popular makeup products, fragrances and brands.





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