TikTok Of Karen Complaining About Tigger Flag Goes Viral

Some people will find something to complain about with everything, even when nothing seems to be wrong. These people (who are usually female) have affectionately been dubbed as “Karens” because, as some people on the Internet will tell you, “No one likes a Karen”. The accuracy of this fact remains to be seen for the most part, but all can agree: no one likes someone who complains about everything.

Just recently, a Tik-Tok has gone viral, and it features (unsurprisingly) a Karen complaining about something. What are they complaining about, you ask? A Tigger flag that is displayed on their neighbor’s (who happens to be an African-American woman) front porch.

That’s right: Tigger, as in the fictional character that is present in the popular children’s book series, Winnie The Pooh.

Tigger figurine with a camera


The TikTok, posted by the neighbor (who was said to be named Ambrosia) under the username @tizzybizzy92, depicts her opening the door to her neighbor, who proceeded to point out the Tigger flag and name all the things that she found wrong with it.

”I want to talk about this Tigger flag. I don’t like it. It makes it look tacky—it makes the neighborhood look tacky.” The woman was heard saying.

By “it”, she meant the American flag that Ambrosia also had hanging up on her porch, which the Karen deemed “very nice”. This showed that she didn’t have a problem with flags in general; just the Tigger one.

Of course, like many people would do in this situation, Ambrosia stood her ground. It’s important to note that she didn’t raise her voice or give her neighbor any attitude, but instead remained polite and neighborly about the whole ordeal

“It doesn’t [look tacky], but that’s okay.” Ambrosia had told her neighbor. “You’re allowed your opinion.”

The Karen then tried to scare Ambrosia by talking about ordinances that she “allegedly” broke by continuing to have the flag hanging up, then finally left after swearing that she would find out exactly what these ordinances were.

Display of Tigger plush toys


Later on, Ambrosia uploaded the video of the encounter to her Tik-Tok account, along with a image of the aforementioned flag that, as suspected, didn’t seem to have anything wrong with it that could break any neighborhood ordinances. The video soon made its way to Twitter, people could not believe that someone would be so bothered and angered by something as harmless as a Tigger flag.

The video received numerous amounts of feedback, with some joking about how Tigger joined the ranks of other fictional characters, such as Mr. Potato Head, that have made people mad in the past before, while others dwelled on the possible racial undertone of the complaint. Overall, most people praised Ambrosia for keeping a cool head and for de-escalating the situation as best as she could.

It is very fortunate that the confrontation ended as peacefully as it did, but some other encounters are not so lucky, as many POCs have lost their lives over issues even more minor than this one. Ambrosia did the right thing staying calm, but if you ever feel like a neighbor of yours is in danger, don’t be afraid to help them out.

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