Too Faced Turned The Iconic Better Than Sex Mascara Into a Fragrance

Better Than Sex, the brand’s first-ever fragrance, inspired by the best-selling mascara and eyeliner of the same name. “It’s the emotional current that swirls around you and elevates the moment and elevates your life — for me, fragrance can do that,” he explains. “I want the fragrance to evoke feelings that are extreme and meaningful when you smell it.” Too Faced cofounder Jerrod Blandino says.

Better Than Sex, out in October, achieves just that, thanks to the help of perfumer Frank Voelkl, who also helped create Le Labo’s Santal 33 and Glossier You, just to name a few. As Blandino recalls, the collaboration process was just as spontaneous as the vision itself. More or less, Blandino relayed his story of an escapade to Voelkl, and the duo went back and forth over various smells for a couple of years until they landed on something almost perfect as Voelkl describes it.

There’s a movie that’s always playing in Blandino’s head. His protagonist, a woman who exudes power, spends a night in close quarters with a mysterious, maybe even dangerous lover, whose fresh, woodsy fragrance mixes with her floral one. At the end of the night, they blow out the bedside candles and a smoky scent evades the room. Nothing is left but the feelings of adrenaline and satisfaction.

That almost-perfect combination of notes covers a wide spectrum of scents, including fruits (passion fruit, lychee, peach, citrus), florals (magnolia, jasmine, orchid, rose), and earthy scents (sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, amber, patchouli), to name just a handful. At first spritz, it gives a strong, flowery impression that quickly melts into something softer and smokier with a fresh, soap-like tail end.

too faced sweet peach palatte, orange and pink colors


It’s hard to describe as anything other than sexy — which was the goal, of course. All this sensual tenacity comes wrapped up in a bottle that is exactly Too Faced: Pink, antique-inspired, and almost impossibly detailed. The front is the same metallic-pink Better Than Sex logo as the mascara, meanwhile, the top likens itself to the Palace of Versailles with gilded ribbons and lion heads, all topped off with a pink crystal cap.

That’s why this fragrance, sadly, is going to be extremely limited, Voelkl and Blandino might have other fragrance collaborations in their futures. Too Faced’s Better Than Sex fragrance will retail for $105 for 3.4 ounces and will be available this fall on

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