8 Tips While Using Hookup Sites to Pick Up a Woman

Suppose you are single and physically starved for attention yet not ready for a serious relationship. In that case, you may find yourself scrolling through profiles online to look for a hookup partner for some instant release.

You are not alone! With the rise of online dating and unconventional relationships, more and more people consider hookup arrangements to satisfy their urges.

Hookup relationships refer to casual sexual liaisons between two (or more) consenting parties. Many men see this as the ideal situation, but finding a hookup companion may not come as easily as expected.

Use these eight tips while using hookup sites to pick up a woman.

1. Do Use The Best Sites

First and foremost, you need to find the most effective sex hookup apps for your purposes. Most of the top adult hookup apps have similar features but vary based on cost, user-friendliness, amount of users, security, and intent.

You can find some of the best sex hookup apps in the article covered in this article.

2. Do NOT Insult Potential Hookups

Many men believe that rudeness attracts women. However, this indicates toxic “nice guy” behavior that tends to set off a red flag. Plus, most women prefer their partners to compliment them and make them feel attractive during a sexual encounter.

3. Do Sell Yourself

Create an intriguing profile that describes yourself in a positive and attractive way. It all starts with the picture. Show off your best body parts if you think you have some sexy qualities.

Women tend to like the look of a man’s abs, pecs, and arms. However, eyes and smiles also rank highly if you feel comfortable enough to show your face (or part of it). Some apps will allow you to show more delicate parts of your anatomy if you think you have something worth showing.

You also need to write a compelling description. Try using some humor and stating some things that might make you stand out for the competition, such as a good job.

Pets also work to capture a woman’s attention if you don’t mind pimping your furry friend to start a conversation.

4. Do NOT Set Your Standards Too High

You want to find a hookup partner, and, let’s be honest, you may not have that much to offer yourself. Manage your expectations, and don’t look for someone out of your league. A great hookup doesn’t need to have the qualities you look for in an eternal mate. Plus, lowering your standards will open up the door to more opportunities.

5. Do Clarify Intentions

Clarify your intentions at the very beginning of any communications to prevent a situation where the other person expects more of an emotional commitment than you can offer. You want to explain what you want sensitively while also making yourself extraordinarily clear.

6. Do NOT Solely Focus On One Prospect

when you start to talk to somebody, you may get excited (literally). However, people on sex hookup apps aren’t the most reliable people. Always keep your options open and anticipate flakiness from the beginning to minimize disappointment.

This doesn’t mean you should overbook yourself. However, if a date falls through, you want someone else as a backup. At the very least, you want to have other people open to talking for the night.

  1. Do Remain Safe

Less than 50% of college students surveyed used a condom during their hookup. That’s outrageous! When meeting for casual encounters, always use protection to prevent STIs and pregnancy. However, safety doesn’t only refer to protection during intercourse.

While many men do not see themselves as potential victims, many people end up robbed or even murdered when meeting someone for a hookup.

To prevent someone unexpectedly showing up, video chat with the person to verify their identity. Then meet in public places and listen for red flags.

Common red flags that indicate a poor experience include:

  • Offering sex for drugs/money
  • Complicated home situations
  • Disregard for your wishes

Finally, you also want to remain safe when it comes to your identity. While a Tinder account may not lead to trouble, you probably don’t want people to know about any accounts on more explicit sites. Plus, you don’t want everyone on the sites gaining access to your personal information.

To maintain anonymity, use an email address different from your regular email, choose pictures thoughtfully, and don’t give out your address.

  1. Do NOT Act Pushy

If you do get lucky enough to meet with a young woman, do not become too pushy about getting to the bedroom or doing something you find particularly erotic. Many guys hear a woman talk about a particular fantasy, and they run with it to the point of making their date uncomfortable,

Women tend to need more time to feel comfortable, so show some patience. Also, let things happen naturally. If you repeatedly ask a woman to wear heels or invite a friend over, you won’t see great results.

The best sex dating apps on the market create a great start for you to find a hookup companion. However, even the top adult hookup apps can’t help you if women find you rude or pushy.

Use these tips, and don’t forget to show respect throughout the experience. Many women (up to 78%) report feeling regret after casual encounters, so you want her to feel good if you expect it to happen again. 

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