Playing Video Games Actually Helps You Lose Weight

As the pandemic continues, people have found it harder and harder to maintain the weight that they previously had before the pandemic began. The pandemic closed all of the gyms, and some found it hard to exercise at home because they didn’t live alone or they didn’t have the proper equipment to exercise the right way with. Dieting isn’t a very good solution either, because people either don’t have the proper foods to start a diet, or they can’t go to the store to buy the things that they need.

Surprisingly, people have begun to find an unorthodox method to losing weight that absolutely no one would have been able to expect: video games.

Two boys playing video games


According to a recent study that was conducted by The Daily Mail, researchers have recently discovered that playing video games can help you burn way more calories than one might expect. In fact, male gamers have been reported to have burn up to 420 calories after a two-hour gaming session, while female gamers were reported to have lost up to 427 calories after the same session. The researchers have equated this calorie-burning to being the same as doing 1,000 push-ups.

This obviously shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to anyone. While playing video games certainly seems to be burning more calories than one might expect, it certainly doesn’t mean that playing video games doesn’t require any effort at all. With the high energy and blood-pumping action that today’s games have to offer, gamers can find that most games require super-fast reflexes and an ability to think on your feet quickly. Some can even find themselves breaking a sweat as they play, whether it’s from the sheer excitement from playing or the effort that’s being put into playing the game. There’s a good reason why video games are considered a legitimate sport aside from others such as football or hockey.

Man sitting in front of a monitor playing video games


Not only can video games be good for you physically, but they can also be good for you mentally and emotionally. Video games can provide good mental puzzles for the brain to solve during the gameplay, and some games are even specifically engineered to challenge the brain and help keep it sharp. Video games are also a great source of entertainment and joy for most people, and it has also been proven to be a huge asset in helping people keep connected with their friends via multiplayer games, and it even helps people make new friends, which can be a huge help in fighting loneliness during the pandemic.

Of course, it is important to note that video games are a complete substitute for exercise or diets, and no one should use video games as a replacement for healthy living in general. However, like all things, video games are perfectly fine and healthy as long as they’re used in moderation. Too much plating can be bad for you just like too much diet and exercise can be bad for you. With the proper balance of any of these things, anyone can live a long and healthy life.

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