This Vender Gives Fish And Chips To People In Traffic

Since the pandemic has recently had a resurgence, some parts of the countries have found themselves having a few problems. Namely, due to new outbreaks in regional areas, most citizens from Queensland, a small town in New South Wales in Australia, decided to try and evacuate through the border. Of course, this seemed to be the idea of lots of people, a traffic jam formed right outside the border, which was now moving at a snail’s pace, thanks to the strict border controls that have taken place on Sunday. Tensions and anxieties were running high among all the drivers as they scrambled to try and get across the border.

One restaurant owner named Adrien took notice of this, and he decided to try to ease the tensions of the drivers by using the one thing that most people can never resist: free food.


Adrian, the owner of Selfish Fish and Chips, saw that the drivers as they were lined up in Tweed Heads, a town that neighbors Queensland, and decided to lighten the mood by offering the drivers free orders of fish and chips as they waited in the line to cross the border.

Drivers were eternally grateful for the offer, especially since some of them have been stuck in traffic since the morning, which meant that some of them had to go without breakfast to get a good spot in the line, so the offer of free fish and chips was a godsend.

Adrian made a couple trips during the day, going in and out of his shop with trays full of freshly-cooked paper baskets of fish and chips to give to the hungry drivers as they continued waiting in the slow-moving line. All the while, Adrian accepted no payment for the efforts, choosing to give out the food as a gesture of goodwill.


After Adrian made his many rounds, his actions soon began to go viral on social media as the drivers began to post about this tremendous act of kindness. Drivers were very grateful for the free food, and they made posts to bring light to Adrian’s generosity.

“Adrian, the owner of Selfish Fish and Chips, has been constantly coming out and handing fish and chips to all the cars stuck in traffic. You are an amazing person, Adrian.” One person wrote in their post.

Some people seemed a little concerned that he should have been wearing a face mask while handing out the food to make the exchange more hygienic, but the thought of the gesture seems to matter more to people.

During this pandemic, people are scared, and they aren’t quite sure what’s going to happen next, which is why it’s important to show people common decency and kindness during these trying times, and to pay it forward whenever it’s possible. People are immensely grateful for Adrian’s gesture of goodwill, and it’s very possible that people made going to pay it forward to others in the future, which is always the right thing to do.