Teen Adopts Bee As A Pet After Rescuing It

The relationships between humans and animals can be full of surprises, especially when it’s with an animal or bug that no one would ever think to suspect.

Beekeeping is a very common, but often harrowing, hobby that a lot of people tend to take pride in, but what isn’t so common about it is when someone chooses to care for only one bee instead of a whole colony. That is the duty that 13-year-old Lacey Shillinglaw from Coventry, England undertook as she rescued a poor injured bumblebee, which soon blossomed into one of the cutest friendships that you’ll ever see.

Young person with a bee sitting on their forehead


What had started as a normal day for Lacey took a turn for the interesting when she soon found the hurt bumblebee on the side of the road while she was walking her dog. When Lacey noticed that the poor insect had a crumpled wing, she did her best to pick up the bee without angering it, and then tried to set it down in a safer place as to not let it get hurt.

Here’s where things began to get a little bit interesting: the bee didn’t crawl off of Lacey’s finger like most insects are inclined to do. In fact, the bee (who had been dubbed “Betty” by her new human friend) chose to stay on Lacey’s finger, and even after being put down amongst the flowers, chose to buzz back over to her rescuer and stay perched on top of her shoulder. After a good amount of time of this repeating, Lacey finally decided to give up and take the bee, which was still perched on her shoulder, back home with her.

A person holding a bee in their hands


After Betty was brought back to the Shillinglaw residence, the bond between human and insect only grew stronger and stronger. The two have become nearly inseparable, and Betty has made herself a permanent residence in the Shillinglaw household, following Lacey everywhere in the house, as well as following her to shopping trips and to a family trip to the bowling alley. However, she seems to steer clear of Lacey’s parents and younger siblings, instead opting to stay close to her human friend only.

Aside from flower nectar from the Shillinglaw’s garden, Betty’s new domestic life now has her dining on other sorts of delicacies, such as sugar water, honey, strawberry jam, and a brand of Haribo candy known as “Tangfastics”. She also has been shown to share “Jammy Dodgers”, a type of jam-filled cookie, with Lacey as well.

While Lacey and Betty’s close bond of friendship has earned some pretty odd looks from strangers, there’s a lot that can be taken from their closeness. Their friendship is a prime example of two different species getting along despite any sort of differences, and one thing is for certain: their friendship has stolen the hearts of people all around the globe, and it just goes to show that an insect such as a bee has a whole lot more to it than one might think.

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