3 Treatments Under Cosmetic Dentistry To Boost Your Confidence

Everyone wants to look and feel good at some point in their life. Even though life coaches and therapists dictate we do this all the time, sometimes it can be difficult if there are one or two things on our bodies that we are self-conscious about. The good news is if it’s to do with your mouth, some fixes can change this.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

If you are looking to improve your appearance and specifically to do with your smile, cosmetic dentistry has the answer. It may not have to do with the functionality of our teeth, however, it is more to do with a focus on the shape, position, alignment, size and colour of your teeth, and improving the overall appearance of your smile. There are many options available at dental practices to help you get there, and we look at 3 of the best ones below for specific inconsistencies. 

Veneers for A Confident Smile

There are many types of different options to improve your smile and get back that much needed personal confidence. One of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry at any full-service Calgary dentist will be that of veneers. This is a treatment that helps to improve the look and function of the teeth. 

Dentists usually use specific materials for this, and porcelain or composite are the two most popular choices. This form of treatment helps to improve not only the shape of your teeth but also their colour, size and angle. It can help you chew your food better, smile better and give you an overall brilliant smile that you can show off.

It comprises a thin shell-like porcelain resin that is permanently bonded to the front of your teeth after the enamel is removed. Local anaesthetic is used and it is a permanent procedure. These can last you anywhere up to 20 years when done right.

Teeth Whitening to Make You Sparkle

The idea of teeth whitening has been around for decades. Our ancestors used to do it as well. Although their methods may seem unconventional. Nowadays there is much investment made into this form of whitening teeth and there are many different options to choose from. One of the most used is that of Zoom® teeth whitening which gets rid of surface stains effectively. 

Getting your teeth whitened can boost your appearance as well as your confidence tenfold. Once the dentist performs this on you, there are also take-home kits that you can invest in from them and keep those pearly whites, white!

Dental Bonding for Function

If you have got cracked or chipped teeth a dental bonding session can help rectify this. It can also help in closing gaps in your mouth, resulting in straighter and less crooked teeth. A natural tooth-coloured resin is applied to the surface of the teeth and bonded using a light heating process. 

Speaking to your dentist about the best option for you is always recommended.

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