How Artificial Intelligence Can Change Your Lifestyle

Artificial intelligence has been gaining more and more attention recently, and according to Bill Gates, of all modern innovations, it has the greatest potential to change our lives: to make it more productive, efficient, and generally easier.

Scientists warn that very soon, people will radically change their perception of the possibilities of technology, and based on the main trends of today, we have collected a few common predictions about these technologies. So let’s see how they can change our lives.

Future Doctors Are Unlikely to Be Human

Artificial intelligence has already begun to enter medical offices today, so it is only a matter of time before it becomes commonplace there.

Currently, artificial intelligence is doing well in diagnosing diseases. For example, researchers at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford have developed a diagnostic system that in 80% of cases detects heart disease better than doctors, and at Harvard University, scientists have taught a “smart microscope” to see dangerous infections in the blood. So, current students, think twice if you choose to major in medicine, cause soon, much more productive employees might replace you. 

Humans Will Have Personal Robot Assistants

Companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are already offering their home assistants to do household chores. Through the sound control system, they can turn on lights, ventilation, or music, as well as make your schedule, or advise the nearest restaurant to your liking. Personal robots will be able to do all the assignments and projects instead of students. However, this is a very slippery slope for you, students, so always make the right choice.

People are actively buying such home assistants. With the further development of technology, they will not only become more accessible and able to perform more complex functions but will also be able to be with the user regularly. 

Robots Are Already “Replacing” People

By 2030, 400 to 800 million people worldwide could lose their jobs through automation. At-risk are sellers, workers of essay writer service, receptionists, security guards, etc. And the findings of another study indicate that by 2024, artificial intelligence will exceed the ability of translators of foreign languages; by 2026, it will be able to write works for students; by 2027, it will drive a truck.

Robots are faster, more efficient, and cheaper than people. They do not need to rest, have no families, and can work 24 hours a day, which is why they have already begun to be used.

Such progress is already causing troubles for modern students, as it gets harder for them to make the right career choices and apply to suitable educational institutions. 

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Chatbots Are New Pocket 

Even though chatbots still have many shortcomings, they are becoming more and more popular. Many people develop them for different purposes: for example, chatbots use the Skyscanner flight search website or the social network Facebook, which is currently testing a new approach to chatbot development. The goal is to teach the program to speak like a human being. This technology will be extremely useful for lots of companies, especially essay writing companies, like

Such technologies are still in the early stages of development, but there are already quite unique programs. For example, the relatively new chatbot Replika, which aims to become your best friend, studies your personality in the process of “communication” and then tries to help him improve his mood. Seems like a story from Si-Fi comics, but this is a reality now. So students, you better start reading comics now; maybe you’ll develop a good start-up idea. 

Although it is still difficult to really equate a dialog with this bot to a dialogue with a real person, in the future, when the development of artificial intelligence reaches new levels, this dialogue may become much more significant.  

Artificial Intelligence Will Create Fake News

The abilities of artificial intelligence have already reached a level where it can generate extremely realistic photos and videos of people, the authenticity of which is difficult to verify. Soon AI will be able to forge not only photos but also audio, videos, which will significantly complicate the fight against fake news and misinformation.

Apartments And Entire Cities Will Be “Smart”

The modern Internet already connects millions of devices, including not only computers and smartphones but literally any gadget. As a result, the concept of combining any device with the Internet and with each other is becoming incredibly popular. Today, for example, many thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature in the apartment via a smartphone, even if no one is home.

And it’s not limited to an apartment – there are whole cities where things connected to the Internet are part of everyday life. For example, Barcelona is a well-known example of a Smart City. In the future, more things will be connected to the Internet, which will influence city life. The technology of face recognition and analysis by street cameras is one of the examples of such a combination with the Internet connection.

Is AI a Blessing or a Curse?

No one can say for sure if the development of artificial intelligence is a blessing or a curse for humankind. Only the time will show for sure. However, either it’s a blessing or a curse, our lives will keep changing rapidly, and we should be able to adapt to the new conditions as fast.

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