Why are casino-themed movies popular

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As the industry expands and the number of gamblers increases, Hollywood producers are taking advantage by making casino-themed movies that attract both casino players and non-casino players. Although I’ve yet to see a movie about an online casino, so if some producer is reading this and wants to make one, that would be incredible.

Below I’ll list some reasons why these movies are always smashed hits:

Unforgettable characters

Casinos movies make a habit of featuring popular celebrities who are also known casino gamblers in real life. This is what attracts the gambling crowd to see these movies. Some popular celebs who have starred in casino movies include; James Caan, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Daniel Craig and many others.

It inspires casino players

Casino movies provide inspiration for gamblers especially if the main character is hitting high jackpots regularly. They hope that if he can do it, they can do it too even though the movies are almost always entirely fictional. Most times, the movies also include some type of special strategy that the main character uses to beat the house so casino players are tempted to try it out too.

High-crime stories

Casinos have always been associated with criminal activities like money laundering, drug racketeering and mafia activity. With this in mind, most casino movies usually feature thrilling and incredible crime scenes with lots of guns and violence. These crime thrillers bring a lot of thrill seekers to watch these movies even if they’re not interested in casinos.

Luxury lifestyle

Most casinos in the world are situated inside or beside luxury resorts, hotels, and restaurants. Because of this, casino movies often feature the luxury lifestyles enjoyed by criminals and other casino gamblers in the movie. This lifestyle appeals to many viewers which attracts them to watch the movies.

Cost of the movie

Casino-themed movies are incredibly expensive to make. Casino Royale, a popular James Bond film featuring casinos, cost around $150 million to produce, making it one of the most expensive movie productions of all time. When you spend this much money making a movie, it inevitably becomes the talk of the town compelling a lot of moviegoers to see what the hype is about when the movie is released.

It affirms gambling myths

Ever heard stories about casinos like; casinos are run by the mafia, winning millions of dollars by counting cards or using some weird strategy, goons to beat or even kill people, poker hands that run into millions of dollars, etc.

These are all myths perpetuated by casino movies and they are mostly fictional, but they make the movies more thrilling and entertaining. That said, some viewers believe it and try to copy these strategies in the hopes of winning big too, although that’s likely never going to happen.