TikTok Bans “Milk Crate Challenge” From Search Results

As TikTok has gained a lot of traction over the past year, there have been a lot of trends and challenges that have become popular on the app. Most of them are fairly safe, with users using popular sounds to tell stories or perform skits, and the most harrowing of these challenges are the ones where users memorize dances and film themselves giving a go at it.

However, a new TikTok trend has gotten very popular recently, and it has had disastrous results so far. In fact, the trend has been reported to be so dangerous, TikTok has taken extra precautions to remove the trend from search results.

Who’s to blame? The “Milk Crate Challenge”.


What is the “Milk Crate Challenge”, you ask? The challenge seems to be pretty simple: you stack plastic milk crates like two staircases next to each other, and the goal of the challenge is to walk up and down the milk crate structure without knocking the crates down or falling over.

This may seem easy enough, but the challenge has  already been proven to be nothing but dangerous. The structure is very unstable, and as strong as milk crates are, the structure can’t support a person’s weight without falling over.

The videos may seem humorous from an outside perspective, but they’re not so funny when the person falling over is you, not to mention the pain from landing on your back on top of a milk crate. Talk about “ouch”!

With COVID cases going through another surge, the ER simply doesn’t have the time nor the resources to tend to people making stupid decisions. This is why TikTok has decided to take the matter into their own hands.


TikTok re-engineered their search engine in order to stop the trend. Now, when you go to search “milk crate challenge” in TikTok’s search engine, you will only be met with a blank white screen. Sure, some dummies will try and find a work-around, perhaps by using different tags, but at least it has made it harder for them to do so.

So far, it is possible that a handful of people have kept attempting to do the challenge, but a majority of people have agreed that the challenge is pretty dumb. Many people have also taken to making jokes about the challenge, but it is pretty much unanimous that the “Milk Crate Challenge” is dangerous, and not something to be taken lightly.

Things have gotten pretty boring as people have been stuck in quarantine, but there really isn’t any reason to risk your health doing dumb tricks just for the sake of entertainment. It’s best to do safer things to pass the time, such as taking part in a hobby or learning a new skill. If you’re a thrill enthusiast and you think you got what it takes to do the challenge successfully, go right ahead, but remember what they say: “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye”, or in this case, break a spine.