Essential Equipment for a Home Workout 

The current pandemic has forced many people to re-evaluate how to keep fit, while many gyms around the world have been closed. This meant a rise in home workouts, as well as a massive bump in the number of people purchasing home gym equipment. 

While the gym does have everything you need to get fit, there are many pieces of equipment and home workout routines that you can use to get in shape, all from the comfort of your home. 

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are instrumental when it comes to exercise. Not only are you able to buy sets that give you varying levels of resistance or help, but you can also use them for many different workouts and stretching routines. 

You can also use resistance bands to aid in an exercise. Pull-ups are a great exercise to do, but most people just don’t have the strength to do them right off the bat. A resistance band, tied off on the bar, can be used as an aid. Simply step on the other end and push it to the ground, and you can use it as a lift. 

TRX System

Unless you have a fully equipped home gym or a set of weights already, you will most likely be doing many bodyweight exercises. You can install a TRX system on any wall, and the adjustable bands and handles can be used for various activities. 

You can do incline or decline push-ups, leg workouts, chest flies, and many other exercises. It is a great all-in-one setup that can give you a full-body strength workout without needing any other piece of equipment. 

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls come in many different weights and sizes and are also very versatile. You can hold them while doing abs workouts, balance on one with one hand while doing push-ups, and throw them on the floor or against a wall for conditioning. 

Medicine balls are the most useful when adding variation to a workout. They allow you to do different movements and add that conditioning factor that some may forget. 

Skipping Rope

Skipping is easily one of the best cardio workouts you can do. Many also say it is far more enjoyable than running or cycling, and you can do it in your home, garden, or wherever you have the space. Skipping workouts have also become popular on Youtube since the start of the pandemic. 

You also get weighted skipping ropes that incorporate more muscles into the exercise. Skipping is also a lot more than just jumping, much like how spin classes have added a new dynamic to cycling; skipping workouts allow you to get the most out of a simple rope. 

Yoga Mat

Another simple yet effective piece of equipment is the yoga mat. Working out on tiles or a carpet will be unpleasant, but a soft surface gives you the cushioning you need for yoga or floor-based exercises. 

Pull Up Bar

As mentioned already, the pull-up and chin-up are easily some of the best bodyweight exercises around. Varying your grip and how far apart or close your hands are changes the muscles you use, and you can work your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back all with one movement. 

If you have the space, you can install a pull-up bar on your wall, and if that isn’t an option, there are many brands out there that have bars designed to be attached to trees or bars that hook onto your door frame. 

Dip Bars

Dip bars are a more specialized piece of equipment, but you will want a set if you focus on bodyweight workouts. They are sold separately or come as part of a pull-up station that you attach to your wall. 

Dips are another exercise that works multiple muscles, such as your chest, arms, shoulders, and back. Adding a resistance band under your knees makes dips easier, and if you can, you can hang underneath them and perform some ab exercises as well. 

Punching Bag

Another overlooked piece of equipment is a boxing bag. Boxing and sparring are exceptional for cardio, conditioning, as well as a stress reliever. Bags also come in a variety of weights and sizes and types, hanging or standing. 

Boxing is also a complete body workout. If you add movement, you start using your legs, gain muscle strength, and notice just how much of a cardiovascular workout you are getting after a short period. Boxing is also a great exercise to add to a home circuit. 

Ab Wheel

An abs wheel, when used correctly, is a challenging but effective way to engage and tone your stomach muscles. The exercise is relatively simple but can be amplified by standing and rolling your whole body forward. 

It does require some ab strength to begin with, but you can just start with it and build yourself up to the point where you can use the equipment as it is meant to be used. 

Exercise Bench

A simple exercise bench opens up a world of possibilities. You can do abs workouts, lie back, and do chest and shoulder workouts if you have some dumbbells, do tricep dips, or step up onto it for leg exercises or as part of a cardio routine. 

They are also very inexpensive, therefore making it a great bang for your buck piece of equipment. If you take the home gym thing seriously, you will have to add a bench to your setup.