5 Amazing Makeup Dupes You Can Actually Afford

Picture this: you’re chilling at home, watching your favorite beauty YouTuber, not a care in the world. You watch them apply the most amazing mascara you’ve ever seen, like how do someone’s lashes even get that long? You think, “You know what? I think I deserve to have luxurious lashes like all of these beauty gurus do.” Of course, your next step is looking up the mascara so you can buy it for yourself — that is until you find out it costs… $25! For mascara?
Makeup can be expensive, no amount of shiny packaging and celebrity advertising can cover that up. I mean, Gucci’s even selling their own makeup products now. Luckily, there are also a bunch of great, affordable dupes that won’t break the bank. Just keep reading to see which products will be your new faves!

L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara

Everyone knows Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara has a cult following for how well it defines and volumizes lashes. The thing is, it actually does cost around $25, which is really more than double what I want to spend on mascara. L’Oreal’s Paris Lash Paradise Mascara acts and even looks like Better Than Sex. Its brush has a similar shape that lengthens and volumizes your lashes without causing clumpy, spidery looking lashes. It even comes in waterproof, washable, and both black and brown colors.

NYX Microbrow Pencil

The Anastasia Brow Wiz is probably one of the best eyebrow pencils on the market, seeing how insanely popular it is. The only problem? It costs $23 dollars. At that point, I’d rather just have those early 2000s tweezed-to-death brows than pay that much money every time I have to get a new eyebrow pencil. Lucky for us, NYX has a great dupe for only $10. The NYX Microbrow has a dual-ended spoolie and pencil, precisely shapes and defines brows and it’s cruelty-free! What more could you want in an eyebrow pencil?

NYX Holographic Halo Eye Tints

NYX is really coming in clutch here, with another great dupe. This time, it’s for the Glossier Lidstar eyeshadow. I was immediately drawn to Glossier’s product when it first came on my radar because it’s an eyeshadow that looks like a liquid lipstick, and is supposed to be really blendable. Unfortunately, it costs a whopping $18. Fortunately, NYX’s dupe is usually only $8 and is currently on sale for only $4! A true fairytale ending. NYX describes it as being an “ultra-lightweight” liquid eyeshadow that dries “down to a glimmering, multidimensional finish.”

Maybelline Master Fix Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder

Setting powder is one of the most important, yet least recognized, makeup steps. It’s kind of like superman; a great hero that just wants to help people keep their makeup in place, but also wants to keep their identity hidden. AKA, it’s a super important step to keep your makeup looking great but it’s never seen or focused on (unless of course you’re Flashback Mary, but that’s another story for another day). Maybelline’s lightweight translucent powder promises a “soft focus effect as it sets makeup.” It only costs $10 and is a great dupe for the $36 Makeup Forever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder. 

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip In Bumble

Kylie Cosmetics is one of the biggest brands for lipsticks, as we all know (Kardashian fan or not). However, her lip kits tend to be pretty pricey and are often sold out because of their insane popularity. If you’re a fan of the Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit in the shade Kristen, which is a really pretty pink color, then today’s your lucky day. Colourpop has an amazing dupe that only costs $7, instead of $29. If you save money like this for the next few years you’ll definitely be on track to being as rich as the Kardashians.
Well, what are you waiting for? Happy (no guilt) shopping!

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