8 Tips On How To Start Making Money On YouTube Fast

More and more people are choosing blogging as a full-time career in recent years, seeing clearly how much profit it can bring. But they often don’t realize how much work stands behind this career, as everything seems easy and lightweight. However, there are methods that allow you to begin getting money from YouTube quickly and effectively. The promotion here is relatively cheap and straightforward. YouTube is also a known source of revenue, thanks to sponsorship and views of advertising. In this article, we shall reveal eight practical tips that would help you to monetize your YouTube blog and move on to the goal of becoming a famous and rich influencer of your niche. 

Keep in mind that to get a significant profit from dwelling on YouTube, you have to put a lot of effort into it and be patient, as this isn’t the easiest and shortest road to prosperity. However, YouTube can become excellent financial support for you, allowing you to change your life in some way. Also, you have to understand that monetizing of any kind requires an established flow of views, likes, and engagement on your profile. 

  • Affiliate links 

This method offers creators a commission type of revenue as they promote the link. Such a promotion is suitable for bloggers who shoot reviews or tutorials, where they can directly promote certain products. The mechanism of promotion is simple:

  • You post a link in your caption or card
  • You mention the link and give a recommendation about it in your video
  • You add a call to action to motivate people to follow the link
  • If they do follow it and buy the product, you receive a commission.

The main thing to remember about this method of monetizing your blog is the fact that you should control the quality of products you promote. Advertising Affiliate links will only be successful when your viewers trust you and if they aren’t disappointed in the product, they got after your recommendations. This method basically stands on your reputation as an influencer, and promoting low-quality stuff for quick money-draining will pull away from your audience, and as a result, you will lose profit. 

  1. Enter YouTube Partnership Program

YouTube Partnership Program, or YPP, is one of the most common ways to get revenue from this network. Basically, it means that you earn money with the help of Ads:

  • Ads before the video
  • Google AdSense banners 
  • Channel memberships

For each view of the Ads, you get a commission, and if you have a well-established audience that brings you many views and engagement, YPP is a way to earn a significant amount of money. However, it isn’t so easy to enter this program. To make this way of money-making on YouTube available for you, your channel has to meet some requirements:

  • You have to gross over 4000 hours of watch time in total
  • Your channel has to follow all the rules and guidelines of YouTube 
  • You need to have at least 1000 subscribers 
  • All that has to happen within the last 12 months. 

The number of 4000 hours of video watching seems a bit terrifying, but, as YouTube would count a total amount, it doesn’t matter how you gross these 4000 hours. It can be 100 hours for 40 videos or backward. You only have to be able to complete this goal within one year.

  1. Crowdfunding And Fundraising 

To earn more from your blog, you can motivate your audience to donate money for your work. The primary mechanism is to have an account on one of the popular crowdfunding platforms like Patreon or Gumroad and to provide proper motivation for your viewers to pay. Patreon, in particular, is an excellent example of monetizing the content using its exclusiveness. 

Patreon offers a system of subscription, where the creator sets the tariffs. You can create different subscriptions and provide exclusive content for each. For YouTubers, such content is usually individual videos along with additional options, like sending out merchandise, providing personal communication, and other stuff. 

To make this monetization method effective, you have to work a lot on creating close and friendly relationships with your audience and nurture a loyal community. Along with that, the information that you provide for the tariff has to be valuable and exclusive. Without these conditions, none would donate to you. 

  1. Become An Amazon Influencer


This relatively new option offers a stable profit for YouTubers, and it’s getting more and more popular. The idea is simple – you join the Amazon program and begin reviewing and recommending the products from this platform – earn 8-10% commission for your click-through and purchase rate. This method is similar to the affiliate links promotion, which is mentioned in the first point of this article. To enter the program, you have to meet certain conditions that are required by Amazon, which are based on your metrics, e.g., follower count or engagement rate. 

  1. Merchandise 

This method is also suitable for bloggers who have an established audience. The idea is simple: you offer your fans to buy products that contain a branded content on them:

  • T-shirts
  • Cups
  • Baseball caps or snapbacks
  • Bags
  • Pins
  • Printed production (cards, stickers, notebooks)

And this list is endless until your fantasy drains out. The thing is, this method of earning money requires investment, so merchandise is often used as an additional way of profit, along with other channels of funding your work. Also, merchandise has to be highly unique and valuable to the audience because it indicates your fans as a community. Merchandise is a good idea to sell at different festivals and events you visit as a blogger. 

  1. Collaboration With Brands

A specific way of earning commissions for your blogging is to become a brand ambassador and promote your sponsors in approved methods. Usually, brands require that their product is not only verbally mentioned and your followers are directed to an affiliate link, but the product is present in the video as well. This is a sort of native advertising, which is more subtle and is proven effective. If it’s clothes, you wear them. If it’s food or drink, it stands somewhere where it is well visible. You can also participate in sponsored events and represent the product in Ads. The conditions of advertising are different and depend on the needs of a brand. 

  1. YouTube Red Subscribers 

YouTube Red is a program that offers users to subscribe and pay $9.99 for completely ads-free content. Creators still earn money, but now the view count matters, so you have to be attentive for the watch time. Today, it isn’t clear if YouTube Red is helpful or if it decreases CPM, so the results that this method offers cannot be described to the fullest. But bloggers have to be ready for changes in their monetization – many users are tired of Ads, and they prefer paying to get rid of them. YouTube Premium and YouTube Red are inevitably changing the course of typical monetization on this platform, and quite fast. 

  1. Provide Professional Services

If you are creating a channel as a promo for your services, that’s the key. YouTube itself wouldn’t be your monetization source, but it will drive more attention to you. Hence you will be able to earn more with what you do best. The same goes for selling digital products like courses or guides – YouTube, here is your Ads. The network serves to attract potential customers to your channel, and then you redirect them to the proper place for completing the deal. This method can possibly be combined with other significant monetization methods, but you have to watch out for your statistics to see if it is worth the effort. 

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