Emma Chamberlain Boyfriend 2022: Who Is Emma Dating Now?

Youtube sensation Emma Chamberlain has been hot on the scene, but the question remains, who is she hot for? Since starting her Youtube channel in the beginning of June 2017, Chamberlain has amassed an astounding 10.7 million subscribers and counting. From her success, she has since gained large platforms on Instagram, TikTok and has since created her own coffee and merchandise line with similar accomplishments.

Although most of her life has been broadcasted online for years, Chamberlain has kept most of her dating life a secret. However, with fans and paparazzi tracking her every move, her dating life has slowly been revealed to show Chamberlain’s liking towards friends and fellow social media stars. 

Ethan Dolan

Ethan Dolan at the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards


Only one year after Chamberlain started her channel, rumors began to surface of her being in a relationship with fellow member of the “Sister Squad”, Ethan Dolan. The “Sister Squad” was composed of Chamberlain, Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan and beauty guru, James Charles. From watching their videos together it was clear to viewers that there was undeniable chemistry. Although both Dolan and Chamberlain never officially acknowledged their relationship, fans grew suspicious after Dolan had admitted to having a girlfriend in October 2018. Shortly after this, a picture had surfaced of someone kissing Chamberlain’s cheek, who appeared to have much similarity to Ethan Dolan. In 2019 the rumors were put to rest after Chamberlain had responded to a question about the two dating, stating “I don’t know if that’s a good question to ask. If I hadn’t said it yet, why would I say it now?” 

Aaron Hull

Later in 2019, shortly after the squashed rumors of Ethan Dolan, Aaron Hull came into the picture. Hull, a prominent social media star on TikTok, who has gained millions of followers for his funny skits and dances on the app. In October of 2019, Chamberlain and Hull were seen together making TikTok videos and live streaming together. In the following month, Chamberlain had made a video entitled “Learning How to Skateboard to Impress a Guy”, fans quickly assumed the “guy” in question was Aaron Hull. At the same time, both continued to be active on each other’s Instagrams, commenting and liking each other’s pictures. Unfortunately, in the words of Avril Lavigne, “He was a skater boy, she said see ya later boy”. In January of 2020, all of this came to a halt. Hull called Chamberlain “annoying” when a comment on a TikTok video said “I have a crush on Emma Chamberlain”. Months after this, in September of 2020, Hull posted a video to clear the air and discuss their past relationship, explaining the difficulties of long-distance. Hull concluded the video with “Emma was the greatest girlfriend, I couldn’t have asked for anything more from her. She was so supportive of me.”

ROLE MODEL, aka Tucker Pillsbury

Bringing us back to the present, there’s been multiple suspicions of Chamberlain’s newest “boo” being none other than ROLE MODEL, aka Tucker Pillsbury, a popular singer. During an episode of her podcast, Anything Goes, Chamberlain began to discuss how she had a dream of “someone cheating” on her, insinuating that she was seeing someone at the time. As rumors swirled, fans discovered that Chamberlain’s parents had both followed Pillsbury on Instagram, hinting that it is possible they could be more than friends. Furthering suspicion, Chamberlain has continued to actively comment on Pillsbury’s Instagram posts as of August 2021 and have been seen in public together continuously. Some even claim that Pillsbury’s song blind is about his love for Chamberlain.

Although nothing has been confirmed, it’s safe to say there is something going on between Tucker Pillsbury and Chamberlain as of August 2021. It’s impossible to tell the future, but from looking at the past, the question remains, is Emma Chamberlain hot for singer Tucker Pillsbury? 

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