Top 5 Best Beauty Hacks To Elevate Your Look

If you have as busy of a lifestyle as me, it can feel impossible to muster up the motivation to do my makeup and look nice in the morning. All I ever want to do is throw my hair in a messy bun and call it a day. Unfortunately, that’s not always the best option for when I have a presentation or meeting to attend. This is why I need a quick and easy routine to make my morning a lot smoother. These five hacks are lifesavers for anyone looking to elevate their look quickly and simply.

Lipstick as Blush

If you’re a lipstick lover, this multitasking hack is perfect for you! Bold red lipstick isn’t just great for your lips anymore, but it can also provide you a perfect rosy complexion as well. Similar to expensive cream blushes, lipstick can attain the same look. The best part of it is that you can have total creative control with this. Blue lipstick, purple lipstick, green lipstick, you name it all of these can be used to create a fun new makeup look!

Soap Brows

It’s no secret that minimalistic makeup is trending right now. The term “less is more” is really having its moment. As many know, eyebrows are key to shaping a woman’s face, and therefore one of the more important steps in any woman’s makeup routine. For a subtle and soft glam look, “soap brows” are the next big thing. Perfect for taming your hair and making your brows look fuller, all you need is to take a spoolie covered in bar soap and brush your brow hair upwards. As an added bonus, this trick locks your brows down all day.┬áBy separating each strand of hair, this hack helps to give you that perfect brow shape you’re desiring.

Sock Curls

Sock curls are the perfect trick to use if you’re looking for quick luscious locks without heat damage, and all you need are socks! Without the fuss of a hot and damaging curling iron, simply do this trick the night before and you’re out the door. Start by sectioning your hair, wrapping a sock around each piece, and secure the ends. In the morning, take them out to reveal bouncy curls that will last all day.

Face Shaving

Everyone has pesky peach fuzz that prevents your foundation from going on smoothly. By taking a simple face shaver, you can eliminate this problem. Helping to achieve an airbrushed look, female face shaving has truly changed the game. In order to achieve this, all you have to do is go to your local drugstore’s beauty aisle and pick up a face shaver, a singular blade specifically to trim down your hair. This also helps to exfoliate and get rid of dry skin.

Contouring with Fake Tan


Referred to as “tan-touring” on TikTok, beauty geniuses have come up with a semi-permanent solution to achieving chiseled cheekbones and a snatched nose. Your self-tanner can now be substituted for contour to sculpt and bronze your face. Using a kabuki brush, buff in your self-tanner of choice to all the places you’d typically contour. Then, allow this to develop overnight and wash it off for a naturally bronzed look!

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