Drinking Water: 3 Benefits You Need To Know About

Water is the ultimate superfood. Even coffee and green tea simply cannot compare; the health benefits of water are limitless. Let’s put it this way: if you’re not drinking water, you should be. To roughly estimate, you should drink half your body weight in fluid ounces. The following health benefits should be motivation enough to reach this goal!



This one is obvious, but the benefits of hydration will make it worth your while. Water flushes out your digestive system, allowing you to feel light and airy all day long. When hydrated, your brain is supported and your mood is boosted. The combination of a healthy digestive system and a positive mood does wonders for your energy levels. Water battles the mid-day lethargy that is so hard to beat! Overall, hydration encourages peak performance (academically or athletically). To do your best, you must drink water!

Weight Loss


Water is a must for losing weight. I guarantee you’re not as hungry as you think you are — oftentimes, you are just thirsty! Drink water throughout the day, and you would be surprised at how much it fills you up! Your metabolism will spark and your muscles will repair. Calories will burn through mere digestion! Don’t waste your time with those skinny drinks or flat-tummy teas — water is all you will ever need!

Glowing Skin


Your skin can glow without makeup— just drink enough water! Your complexion will retain its natural glow. Water flushes out toxins and purges dirt from your pores. Your skin will visibly tighten; you may not even need your moisturizer anymore! Happy skin comes from the inside.

An adult body is 60% water. Help your body — and your brain — and fill up your glass. Add some lemons or fruit for some flavor! Your body will thank you!

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