5 Fashion Instagram Influencers You Should Follow

With the rapid development of the digital age, social media has drastically affected our everyday lives. Even though there are many different social media platforms, each are able to help to keep you updated on the latest news, celebrity gossip, or trends. In particular, Instagram one of the biggest apps for starting and spotting fashion trends. One of the main methods of this being through the use of influencers. Following influencers is a perfect way to stay updated on the latest fashion trends. These five influencers should be on your “must follow” list to ensure you’re always informed on what’s hot or not.

Acquired Style

Also known as Brigett Pheloung, Acquired Style has risen rapidly on the Instagram scene over a short period of time. Amassing  53,000 followers, she posts nearly everyday documenting the outfits she wears around NYC. She wears pieces that are trending at the time but can also mix it up with a classic twist. As her page continues to grow, I don’t see it slowing down any time soon.


Ageorama, also known as Adrienne Reau, is a popular Instagram influencer with 68,000 followers. Based in NYC, she pushes the boundaries of fashion with mixing bold colors and patterns. Ageorama is a must follow if you’re looking for a creative spark when picking out your outfit in the morning.

Ella Rose

Similar to Acquired Style, Ella Rose documents her outfits nearly everyday. Following the fashion trends at the moment Ella Rose wears what every girl wants to wear. With a trendy model-off-duty style, Ella Rose wears affordable pieces that are easy to implement in your everyday attire.

Kate Bartlett

A fashion student in NYC, Kate Bartlett has amassed a following on both Instagram and TikTok documenting her outfits. Fun, functional, and fabulous, her feminine style is easy to replicate into your wardrobe. Her outfits make her look put together and stylish, helping her look like that “cool girl” you always wanted to be.

Sophie Suchan

Sophie Suchan, with over 300,000 followers has managed to become a huge influencer on Instagram. Her style is very L.A. girl with classic jeans and baggy t-shirts. Don’y let that fool you, her outfits expand into a broad range of dresses and blazers as well. With outfits for everyone, she’s a must follow for anyone looking to change up their style.

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