Fashion YouTubers You Need To Watch (2021)

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms on the internet. With thousands of videos being uploaded a day, it’s hard to keep up with what you want to watch. If you’re a fashionista like me, you always want to stay up to date on the latest fashion news and trends. Follow these five YouTubers for the best fashion advice.

Best Dressed

Also known as Ashley, she is one of the top fashion YouTubers on the platform right now. Her quirky personality and charm has amassed her nearly four million subscribers. In her videos, she focuses on making aesthetic lookbooks. She also creates videos about her thrifting experiences, as well as hair, makeup, and fashion tips. Whether you need inspiration for when you’re interior decorating, or want to be the most stylish person in the room, Ashley’s channel is perfect for you.

Rachel Spencer

Rachel Spencer is a great person to subscribe to if you’re looking for someone to give you all the “happenings” of the industry. If you like capsule wardrobes she has a few great videos on how to curate the perfect one. She creates fashion videos and hauls and breaks down each outfit that she puts together. We get to see her styling thought process, so she really gives you insight on the “how” of building a perfect outfit.

Ashely Brooke

Ashley Brooke is the girl living all of our fashion dreams. A small-town girl, now moved into New York, she owns her own company called Life By Her. Life By Her is a digital fashion magazine where you can read all about fashion tips and connect with the fashion community. On her channel, she shares her tips on how to style certain items of clothing as well as videos of how she shops.

Tess Christine

Based in New York, Tess Christine brings her viewers along with her as she shops, giving them helpful advice along the way. She’s a very practical dresser, which is something that the everyday woman can appreciate. She shows how you can actually recreate celebrity looks realistically and on a budget.

Shahd Batal

Shahd Batal is perfect for those looking to incorporate modesty into their style. Minnesota-raised, Shahd takes on modest fashion and puts a trendy and stylish spin on it. Regardless of which religion you practice, her modest fashion is a great source of inspiration.

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Protected: Critical levels and the expected trend of bitcoin crypto signals.
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