How to Properly Water Your Marijuana Crop

Marijuana growers must complete a series of steps to cultivate healthy plants. Among the most essential step is to water the plants and ensure that the plants have enough water throughout all growth cycles. Like other plants, the growers must avoid overwatering the plants and feeding the plants nutrients as directed. If they are unclear about how much water the plants need, the growers can follow this guide to water the plants properly. 

How Often Should You Water Your Marijuana Plant?

Growers should follow a set schedule of wet and dry when deciding how often to water their plants. A period of wet and dry is vital for the health of the plants and allows the roots to reach deeper into the soil and form healthier plants. During the germination stage, the grower should water the Cannabis plants between four and seven times a day.

During the seedling phase, the grower should water the plants between three and seven times a day. During vegetation stages, they should cut watering down to two to four times a day. During the flowering phase, the grower shouldn’t water the plants more than three times each day. A general rule of thumb when watering marijuana plants is to touch the soil with their fingers, and if the soil is wet they should wait until it dries before watering the plants again. 

How Do You Know When the Plant Needs Water?

When determining when they should water the plants, the growers can pick up the pot the plant is in and see how heavy it is. If the plant is heavier than usual, it hasn’t absorbed the water completely, and they need to wait a little longer. If they water the plants too much the plant will begin to droop and become unhealthy. The leaves may appear brown and lifeless.  

How Much Water Do the Plants Need?

How to tell how much water the plants need begins with the size of the plants, the exterior temperatures, the health of the plants, and its current growth stage. Start pouring the water into the soil around the plant and watch it soak the soil. Wait a few minutes then test the soil for dryness. If the top of the soil is still moist do not water the plant anymore until the soil is dry again.  

Do You Need to Put the Plant in a Bigger Pot?

Experts recommend starting with a one-gallon pot if the plant is about four inches in high, and then they will progress to a two-inch pot until they reach a 10-gallon pot toward the end of the final growth stage.  

What is Flushing and How Often Should You Do It?

Flushing means the grower has stopped feeding the plant nutrients and is only giving the plant water. This should happen at the last growth stage. Growers will flush the plant one week before they harvest the buds.  

Marijuana growers must follow watering schedules for their plants and avoid overwatering. Each stage of the growth cycle defines how much water the plants need and how often the grower should water them. They will also have to upgrade the pot the plant is in to ensure that the roots get adequate water and don’t get flooded. An irrigation system could come in handy for growers that have their plants set up outside.   

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