5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Nose Job

It is estimated that 80% of Americans are unhappy with some aspect of their appearance. Some of them will choose to live with it, while others would rather make some changes. Every year, millions of people go under the knife for various types of cosmetic surgery and one of the most popular types of surgery is a nose job. Perhaps you have been thinking about this yourself. Here are five things to consider before getting a nose job.

Do You Need Surgery?

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job, is surgery that can be done on the nose to alter its shape or appearance. It involves breaking the nose before re-setting it and this is usually carried out under a general anesthetic. This is a big step to take if you are unhappy with your appearance and you should consider your options first. It may be that a make-up artist can teach you how to use contours to make you feel happier with your nose. This is a good option, but it might be quite time-consuming if you do it every day. Another option is non-invasive surgery, such as fillers, which can alter the shape of your nose without you having to go under the knife. 

Will It Make You Happy?

It may be that you feel you would be a lot happier if you had a nose job, but you should consider whether this is a dream or a reality. If having one would improve your confidence and self-esteem, then it may be a good option. However, regardless of how good your surgeon is, you will still have the same set of problems (apart from your nose) when you wake up. A nose job will not land you the home, career, or partner of your dreams. It can’t fix a broken marriage or help you to lose weight. It can only improve the shape of your nose. Think carefully about whether your nose is the issue or whether you need to make other changes in your life to be happy. 

What Clinic Will You Use?

You should do your research carefully before you decide what clinic and surgeon you want to use. Make sure you are comfortable with your surroundings and the person who is going to perform the surgery before you go ahead. You should remember that you get what you pay for. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. A good surgeon does not have to compete on price as they will get work through their reputation alone. Many top surgeons have a waiting list that is years long and they don’t even advertise. 

What You Want to Look Like

You should have realistic expectations as to what you want to look like before you go under the knife. A good surgeon will be able to discuss your options with you and give you an idea of what you will look like before you agree to the procedure. 

How to Raise the Money

Rhinoplasty can be expensive so you should think about how you want to pay for it. You could use your savings or ask a relative for help. Your bank may be able to give you a loan to help you pay for it. You should bear in mind that you could be paying the money back over several years, so you’ll need to consider your finances for the long-term rather than the short-term.

Consider these five things before you book your surgery and only go ahead if you still feel that it is the best option. 

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