Top 5 Best Stores For Athletic Wear

Why not look cute while working up a sweat at the gym or at home? Here’s a list of five stores that will make you feel good outside to match your workout that will make you feel good inside. It’s important to keep in mind that activewear is an investment. You’ll want to work out more often if you look cute doing it.


This brand is eco-conscious and sells some super cool leggings too. Their “laser-cut leggings” are designed to increase ventilation and show off your workout body without anything slipping out of place through heavy exercises.


Not only does Bandier have a wide array of printed leggings but their own NYC fitness studio too. Got to wear the athletic gear somewhere. Although the prices can go a little over the average budget, the sale section has a few hidden treasures you can find.


Athleta is another eco-conscious brand through its fabric choices. You can also pair your items with Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic items for free shipping. They also have free returns on everything as well as a Give-it-a-Workout Guarantee which means you can use your item in a workout and still return it if it didn’t meet your expectations.

Sweaty Betty

This London-based brand divides its selection by specific activities. Anything from skiing and snowboarding to yoga, swimming, and tennis. Also a little over the usual budget, but these looks are investments for the compliments you’ll receive later.


This pricey brand has been on the rise on social media and has become a well-known name. While they do have a wide collection of cute activewear, they also have festivals and retreats you can sign up for to get the full experience. Lululemon also has a “We’ve Made Too Much” section that lowers the prices of their items for final sale.