A WiseBarber Guide on How to Choose a Hairstyle That Suits You

It’s a fact. Many people assume that getting a new haircut is as easy as spotting someone ranting during a soccer match. But, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you may find yourself with a haircut that doesn’t do you any justice. Or, as some would blatantly put it, “no, that style doesn’t look good on you!” If you can’t relate to this, then I’m sure you’ve seen someone with a bad/unfit haircut at some point. 

Anyway, to avoid finding yourself in such a situation, it’s always wise to make a few considerations before a barbershop visit. Here are 4 WiseBarber tips that will help you find stylish haircuts for men that suit you:

1. Your Hair Type

Yes. Knowing your hair type is always the first step. Whether you have thin or thick hair; curly or straight strands; tough or weak hair; it’s important to identify what kind yours is. Why? This ensures that you choose a hairstyle that works with your type, not against it. 

For example, for men with thin or weak hair, it’s not ideal to go for hairstyles that require you to have long hair; e.g. Mohawks, Faux Hawks, and other Spiky hairdos. Because you’ll end up using a lot of styling product to keep the strands in place. This, in turn, weighs them down and can lead to breakage and follicular damage

Another example? Trying to achieve a straight and smooth Slick Back will be impossible if you have curly hair. The same can be said for black men who want sick 360 Waves yet they have straight hair. Bottom line – your hair type is a crucial determining factor when it comes to choosing a hairstyle.

2. Your Face Shape

Remember that one time when Miley Cyrus tried a new haircut and flopped miserably? Well, that’s what happens when you choose a haircut without considering your face shape. Yes, people have different face shapes. It could be oval, square, oblong, triangular, round, diamond, or heart-shaped

Each of these face shapes have specific hairstyles that look great on them. For example:

  • Oval faces look great with Undercuts, Short Side Parts, and Fringes. 
  • Square faces support Buzzcuts, Crew Cuts, Faux Hawks, and Slick Backs. 
  • Round faces look awesome with Quiffs, Fringes, Undercuts, and Comb-Overs. 

You get the point, right? If you don’t know your face shape, go online and search “haircut face shape men” and then try to find a shape that looks similar to yours. 

3. Your Hair length

This is very obvious. For example, you can’t get a Mohawk or tie a Man Bun with short hair, can you? Generally, different hairstyles look great when a specific length has been achieved. Here, there’s only one rule of thumb – the shorter your hair is, the more limited you’ll be in terms of styling

Therefore, before deciding on a haircut, do some research to see which styles look better with your current hair length. 

4. Your Maintenance Capabilities

Yes. Not all haircuts have the same necessities. Some have more maintenance needs than others. So, it’s important to choose a style depending on how much time you can allocate to your grooming routine. 

If you are always in a hurry, go for simpler, cost-effective hairstyles like Buzzcuts and Fades. But if you can spare thirty minutes or so, it’s okay to go for a high-maintenance style like the Pompadour or Slick Back. 

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