Can Technology Help Save the World’s Oceans?

Water takes the biggest part of the earth. This is a piece of information all of us know. Ocean water, in particular, is dominating, just like how darmowe obroty bez depozytu games dominate online casinos. However, there is a risk that we might run out of water in a few years. The water problem has many roots. All of them relate in a way or another to how humans deal with their environment. Thus, there is a bad need in changing the way we use water and the creatures living in the waters. 

In recent years, many people were concerned with this problem. So, they started thinking of different solutions to save the oceans and marine life there. Some of the proposed solutions were related to technology. Below, we will discuss two of these newly proposed solutions that use technology to save the world’s oceans.

Using Sensors 

Sensors can be used in different things regarding the ocean problem. First, these sensors can be programmed in a way that enables measuring the ocean’s temperature and percentage of oxygen and carbon dioxide, among other things in the oceans. Using this data, scientists can know which parts of the oceans have the potential to contain more marine life and which animals or fish, in particular, live in which parts. 

Also, the data enables them to know how fish react to different conditions. For example, when the temperature is very low or very high, how do fish survive. On the same side, farmers and fishers can receive such information on their smartphones. So, they know where should they fish and where they are advised not to fish to save certain creatures. An added feature to these sensors might be providing farmers with alerts whenever something pops up to make better decisions based on real-time data. Hence, these sensors can help farmers as well as saving fish. 

One other use of sensors might be out of oceans but still related to fish. This is in fish farms where fish are contained in cages for breeding. These sensors might be used to get data about fish behaviours in certain conditions. So, farmers can know how to make better conditions for the fish to help them breed more and stop them from escaping. 

Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain technology can be used in some way to create a public network for all those who are concerned with the oceans and marine life. For example, the documentation of seafood products on a blockchain network, which is then available to different stakeholders, might help to improve sustainability and responsible fishing and farming. 

When the farmers, fishers, and manufacturers have to register the seafood products with their license, permits for fishing, and other related data on a public ledger, this will enhance responsible farming and seafood production. Later, all engaged members, including retailers, will have access to this data, and even more, they can download it to check the food safety and other required certifications before dealing with any seafood products.

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