Scrub Daddy Adds New Sponges For Halloween

With Halloween not too far off in the future, many different companies have already set off plans for new (or repeating) products for the spooky holiday. Most companies that are hoping to make bank on the occasion are appropriate for it, such as companies that specialize in making candy or party costumes. However, some companies still have hope that they can cash in on the holiday as well, even if their products aren’t as conventional as one might choose to believe.

That’s right, folks: Scrub Daddy, a popular cleaning product company that tends to specialize in sponges with perpetually smiling faces, has decided to join the rat race that is Halloween consumerism and come out with their own little products that will definitely put everyone in the spooky spirit: little colorful sponges that have the signature smile that can be found on many other versions of Scrub Daddy’s products. These little nifty things come in Halloween-centric colors and shapes, such as an orange pumpkin, a white ghost, and a green Frankenstein’s Monster head.


Sure, you might be thinking “Sponges? Who in their right mind would buy sponges for Halloween?”. This is a valid question to ask, of course. It’s not like you can give a kid in a costume a sponge when they knock on your door (unless you want to get egged) and you can’t dress as a sponge, either (unless you want to dress up as a titular cartoon character). It’s quite obvious that Scrub Daddy is only making these sorts of efforts so that they can cash in on the profits brought in by companies that regularly specialize in Halloween products.

However. that’s the thing about holidays: who cares? Most holidays can have even the most neutral of people getting into uncharacteristic fits of holiday spirit. There’s really nothing wrong with getting into the holiday spirit, especially on a vivid holiday like Halloween, and if doing that means that you buy colorful smiling sponges, who can really judge you?

As tacky as one might think these sponges are, they do work as well as any other Scrub Daddy product, and this can really come in handy, especially during this time of year: Halloween almost always means candy, and candy means stick counters, sticky tables, sticky…well, everything. There are also all the dirty dishes that come from making snacks for Halloween parties. Tough and durable sponges like the ones that Scrub Daddy offers can really work wonders on the stickiest of surfaces and the dirtiest of dishes.

So what’s the moral of the story? Life is short, Halloween is only once a year, and just loosening up a little and enjoying it isn’t going to harm you. If you want to buy the sponges, that’s cool. If you don’t, that’s cool as well. Halloween is the time of year where you’re free to express yourself however you choose, so don’t be afraid to live life to the fullest and do what you want. Have fun this Halloween, and stay safe!