How To Wear a Man Business Briefcase, the Right Way

The business briefcase is a quintessential part of any businessman’s look. While there are alternatives like messenger bags and backpacks, the business briefcase is the standard for men who want to look sharp.

Backpacks are efficient; however, they tend to evoke a more juvenile style and persona. And sometimes, a juvenile look is not the kind you want to present in a business meeting. Messenger bags are more formal but still lack the class and style of a business briefcase.

A leather briefcase will make any outfit look more mature and put together. For men just starting their career, a briefcase can help other people take you more seriously.

Furthermore, the straps on backpacks and messenger bags can damage your suit or coat. The rubbing from the straps can wear down the fabrics and decrease the lifespan of your suit. A good business briefcase not only matches the style of a suit or coat but will help you protect the clothing as well.

Even if you are going for a more casual look, a strapped bag can wrinkle your shirts. Professional and office attire was not designed to have heavy straps pulling on them. Wrinkles can ruin an otherwise clean look. A briefcase is the most convenient way of avoiding this problem.

In this post, I’ll explain stylistic considerations for your next briefcase, as well as some tips for selecting the right briefcase for you.

The Best Material and Color(s) for Business Briefcase

When considering your next business briefcase, the first thing you should consider is the material the bag is made of.

Leather is the classic choice, and for a good reason. A leather briefcase is both rugged and refined. It conveys a sense of classiness without being cute. While there are other alternatives on the market, this is a situation where the tried and true style is the right choice.

Choosing a Color 

A leather briefcase should match the other leather accessories you are wearing. If your shoes and belt are made of black leather, then your briefcase should be black as well.

Unfortunately, this can make things a bit tricky. Most men have multiple pairs of shoes and belts in both brown and black.

If this is the case, there are two options:

Option 1: Commit to One Color 

The simplest option is to identify what color you wear most often and buy a leather briefcase that matches that color.

If you wear brown shoes 80% of the time, getting a brown leather briefcase will ensure that you look good a majority of the time.

Option 2: Get a Black and Brown Bag

The second option is more expensive, but also more flexible. Find a briefcase that you like and buy it in both black and brown.

This will ensure that you will always look sharp no matter what shoes/belt you are wearing. The cost of a second bag is a small price to pay for always looking good.

Pairing a Suit With a Briefcase

As I mentioned before, matching your briefcase to the color of your other accessories is non-negotiable. Once you have selected the color of your briefcase, you should consider the style. This is something that many men get wrong.

It is easy to be tempted by a briefcase that has multiple buckles or zippers. The problem with a flashy briefcase is that it may not match your suit. If your suit has any personality, like accents or patterns, a flashy briefcase could, at worst, clash with these style choices and, at best, distract from them. 

For this reason, I recommend selecting a muted briefcase. Keep it simple with muted buckles and one or two accents. Remember, your briefcase is an accessory, your suit (and you) are the star of the show.

Beyond the stylistic considerations of a leather briefcase, it’s practical. You can carry important documents or your laptop. I also feel more comfortable carrying those items in my hands rather than on my back.

Some men make selecting a business briefcase far too complicated. If you follow these suggestions, you will have a classy leather briefcase that will convey a sense of class and confidence.

Now that you know how to select a leather briefcase, you can use your bag to elevate your overall appearance and style.

Remember, when selecting accessories, focus on the details. If you do so, you will have a great look that you can be confident in.