5 Tips On How To Make Your Legs Look Longer

Some are naturally blessed with a model-like figure, with a small waist and legs for days. Unfortunately, we’re all not genetically blessed with long legs. No need to fear though, there are some easy tips and tricks you can try to create this look. It’s finally time to cheat your way to long legs.

Aim High


The most helpful tip, and probably the easiest is to opt for high-waisted pants and skirts. This creates the illusion that your legs start much higher than where they actually do. The eye is being tricked that they start where your waist is. By wearing clothes just above your natural waist, can help to give the appearance you have longer legs than you actually do.

Choose Your Shoes Wisely


Unfortunately, this tip gives you yet another reason you don’t need to go shoe shopping. When wearing skirts or dresses, choose nude shoes to blend with your skin tone. This creates an uninterrupted line on the leg and has a lengthening effect. You can also achieve this by matching shoes to your tights or pants. Something to note while shopping for shoes, be careful of calf-hugging footwear or ankle straps, as this can disrupt the illusion and shorten you.

Tuck and Crop Your Shirts


This tip is also very simple and logical if you think about it. Wearing long tops can elongate your torso, which we know from tip number one, can make your legs seem shorter. Therefore, tuck your tops into your pants, and wear cropped shirts and jackets to create the opposite effect. Doing this will make your torso look shorter and your legs look longer.

Vertical Patterns


Similar to how horizontal lines can make you look bigger since it draws your eye left and right, vertical details draw the eye up and down. The result of this is in an optical trick of seeing additional length. Wear bottoms with vertical patterns, piping, straight creases, or vertical creases to achieve this effect.

Asymmetrical Hemlines


Seen through a similar pattern from the previous tips, we know that to create the look of longer legs, it’s needed to trick the eye and create an illusion. Therefore, it makes sense that straight, horizontal hemlines can interrupt the eye’s view of the leg. To fix this, lean towards asymmetrical hemlines that create a smooth silhouette.

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