Why Fall Is the Best Time to Get Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

As the crisp fall breeze blows the colourful fallen leaves and the hot and humid days of summer well behind us, the signs are there that fall is now well underway.

Fall is the best season for pumpkin spice, football, sweaters, and, surprisingly, a visit to the plastic surgery clinic.

Fall is a time where many reflect on their year before the busy holiday season arrives. For some, this reflection may include a desire to improve their appearance, whether it be their nose, ears, breasts, or body.

Those seeking to change their appearance are in luck; fall is the perfect time to get plastic surgery – Here’s why.

Beat the Heat

With the intense heat of the summer sun behind us, the cooler weather of fall is here. After getting surgery done, you probably won’t be able to shower for at least a few days! Cooler weather means less uncomfortable conditions for any healing.

Especially when it comes to procedures like breast augmentations or a tummy tuck, excessive heat and sweat can make for a frustrating, inflammatory, and possibly smelly recovery. This is why the cooler conditions of fall are more favourable.

Cozy Cover Up

With the cooler fall weather also comes comfy fall sweaters and sweatpants. This is ideal after having surgery, as comfortable; loose-fitting apparel is what his doctor recommended after receiving cosmetic surgery. 

Compression bandages are usually applied in procedures such as a boob job or liposuction and need to be worn for a few weeks. Drainage tubes are occasionally needed to be worn as well to provide safe expulsion of fluids while the body heals. Being able to wear a comfortable baggy outfit hides these unflattering components while providing you with optimal comfort.

Perfect in Time for the Holidays

Many people wait until the winter to get cosmetic surgery for essentially the same reasons as the above. However, this can also become a social dilemma. Having cosmetic surgeries done in mid-November through January means you’ll either be missing the holiday parties or, at the very least, not in the best shape for them.

 Activities like drinking and smoking are not advised during surgery preparation and recovery, as they increase risks during and after your procedure. Additionally, only light activities are advised for the first week, or few weeks, after most cosmetic surgeries – Which means no crazy dancing!

On the surface, Bruising and swelling are common in the first part of recovery, especially during facial procedures. Having surgery during the holidays shows everyone you’ve had work done, assuming it’s on a visible part of your body.  By opting into fall surgery, you’ll be all ready to go and looking your best by holiday party season.

Get Ahead of the Crowd

Wintertime and early spring are peak seasons for people seeking cosmetic surgery. This is because they are seeking to be beach and bikini ready come summer. 

This means the demand and wait times can be much longer for cosmetic surgery. You get ahead of the crowd by booking in the fall, meaning more availability for booking times, a higher range of available surgeons, and more undivided attention during post-op appointments for your procedures.