Why Is Hemp Seed Oil Good for Skin?

Hemp seed oil has been used throughout history as a medicinal product. Traditionally, hemp seed oil was used as a natural pain reliever to help improve digestion. There is also evidence of hemp seed oil being used as a topical in some cultures to treat skin irritations and discomfort.

In the last decade, though, the idea of using hemp seed oil as a skincare product has become popular in western cultures. Until relatively recently, hemp seed oil was seen as a niche product and could only be found in specialist stores. 

Now, hemp seed oil can be found in most pharmacies, beauty, and wellness stores. Popular cosmetic brands have noticed this growing trend and have started incorporating hemp seed oil into many of their skincare products.

Hemp plants are packed with vital nutrients that the body needs to stay fit and healthy. The rich blend of minerals and vitamins found in hemp oil is essential for the skin and helps it stay hydrated.

Why exactly has hemp seed oil suddenly become so popular? Here are the top five ways that hemp seed oil is believed to be good for the skin.

#1 Hemp Seed Oil and Inflammation

Hemp seed oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and is one of the main reasons it has been used topically throughout history. The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seed oil make it helpful in treating both external skin irritations and internal inflammation that can lead to pain.

As a skincare product, hemp seed oil is often used to reduce skin blemishes and puffiness. It is also increasingly used as an ingredient in eye creams because it can help brighten the appearance of a person’s eyes.

As a more general skincare product, hemp seed oil can be a simple way of reducing the signs of irritation on the skin and giving it a healthier glow. The anti-inflammatory effects of hemp seed oil are also beneficial for soothing stiff joints and muscles while also helping to hydrate skin, making it an excellent multipurpose product.

#2 Hemp Seed Oil Is a Natural Moisturizer

Hemp seed oil contains several minerals that help to keep skin hydrated. It is often added to skincare products like creams providing these essential minerals for naturally hydrating effects.

Hemp seed oil can be applied to the skin on its own alongside other skincare products. Alternatively, skincare products that contain hemp seed oil can be used in much the same way that other creams and moisturizers are used.

The hydrating effects of hemp seed oil are thought to be particularly effective when used in anti-aging skincare products. Hemp seed oil is often chosen as an ingredient in anti-aging creams to help slow down and reduce the most visible signs of aging.

#3 Hemp Seed Oil Can Help to Reduce Pain

The main reason that hemp seed oil skincare products are used is for the external benefits that they provide to the skin. However, there is a growing market for hemp skincare products that double-up as a natural form of pain relief.

Hemp seed oil works to limit pain in several ways. Most importantly, its anti-inflammatory effects allow it to treat the source of pain and, in some cases prevent pain before it is felt. Hemp oil can also limit the levels of pain that are felt by binding to pain receptors and altering how they process painful stimuli.

An increasing number of people are choosing to use hemp oil creams as their chosen daily moisturizer to care for their skin and limit pain in problematic areas of the body.

#4 Hemp Seed Oil Can Help Reduce Anxiety

One everyday use for hemp seed oil is to help reduce the signs of stress and anxiety. When using hemp seed oil in this way, it is traditionally consumed orally. However, evidence suggests that similar effects can be felt when using it as a topical.

Hemp seed oil skincare products are becoming a popular option for people looking for milder effects than would often be felt with products like oral oil drops.

Night-time hemp skincare products such as eye and face creams are especially popular for encouraging natural relaxation. Many nighttime hemp products contain other calming extracts like lavender which further enhance the calming effects of hemp seed oil.