Top 4 Smart Shopping Tips To Find The Best Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is usually the most significant expense in your proposal, so you want to make sure you buy the right one. With that said, here are some expert tips for finding the perfect engagement ring for the lucky woman in your life:

  • Understand Shape, Cut Quality, And Cut Style
  • Before you start looking for an engagement ring, you need to understand the difference between the diamond’s shape, its cut quality, and style. 

    The shape is the outline of the gem when viewed face-up. So far, round engagement rings are the most popular option. However, there are other shapes (sometimes called fancy shapes) to choose from including oval, marquise, square, rectangle, pear, and even heart. 

    The cut quality refers to how well the gem’s facets interact with light. It’s the one thing you should never sacrifice. An average rough diamond cut perfectly will look absolutely stunning than even a top-of-the-line rough diamond with poor cut quality. Gems cut in the same style and shape can vary in table size, polish, girdle thickness, and symmetry. Such differences will have an effect on their face-up appearance and impact their cut quality.

    Now, the cut style is how the gem’s facets are arranged. For instance, the most conventional facet arrangement for a round diamond is the standard brilliant cutting style with specific arrangements of 58 or 57 facets. You can also opt for other cutting styles like emerald cut engagement rings with a rectangular or square shape categorized by four longer facets along the sides and features beveled corners. Meanwhile, a radiant cut also features a rectangular or square shape but is cut in a brilliant style.

  • Pick The Metal Band
  • Traditionally, engagement rings and wedding rings are made from silver, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum bands. However, in recent years, the rose gold band has emerged as a modern and fresh alternative.

    With that said, you need to choose a color that complements your partner’s style. If she likes silver jewelry, go with white gold. Go with the traditional yellow gold or rose gold ring if she likes more color. While platinum may look like silver, it’s significantly more expensive since it’s rarer and has a greater density.

    Also, take note that some metals tend to scratch easier than others so be sure to consider her activities and lifestyle before deciding.

  • Decide Whether You’d Buy Online Or In Jewelry Stores
  • Online jewelry stores offer the best value and selection of engagement rings. Unfortunately, the fear of scams prevents most buyers to purchase expensive engagement rings online. 

    With that said, you should look for trustworthy and reliable diamond dealers online with a physical store. This ensures you get real rings that are cheaper than in their brick-and-mortar stores. This is because they often offer discounted offers on their online shop and you get to access a much larger selection than the limited rings they have on certain branches.

    If you’re still nervous about buying an engagement ring online, look for return policies and positive reviews from past clients. This would reduce the chance of you being scammed.

  • Get The Correct Measure
  • This may sound obvious, but you need to make sure you get her ring finger properly measured. You don’t want to give her a ring that won’t fit or cut off her circulation or a loose one that’s at risk of falling off and getting lost forever.

    If you’re not shopping for an engagement ring together, then you can secretly try a ring she wears on her ring finger. Make sure to mark where it hits your finger. If she wears it on her left ring finger and that’s her non-dominant hand, then size down a ¼ size. 

    You can use a ring sizer to find out what size the ring is that hits the same mark on your finger. In this way, you’d be assured that the ring you’d buy won’t need a lot of adjustments.


    An engagement ring signifies a huge milestone in your relationship. Thus, it’s an important purchase you want to get right for taking the next step in your life. Hopefully, the above tips can make your engagement ring shopping easier and help you choose the right one that she’ll surely love. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare for this transition.