The Best Books About Winning Money With Gambling You Have Ever Read

Like any other field of study or aspect of life, reading books related to that field would help you learn more and improve your skills. In addition, gambling books remain a great source of inspiration to discover betting systems and ways to play Australian online casino real money 2021 and win. Though gambling books are not among the most important international book awards, one cannot deny that horse racing, slot machine games, and real money casino gambling contain scenes of exciting stories.

Professionals in gambling know too well that there is no super method or system to win every time at casino gambling. But there is a way to improve your game and win more and potentially get more chances, which is learning all that there is to know about the fundamental strategies and betting systems of the games you play. The only way you can learn this is by reading the best books on gambling.

Selecting the right gambling book to read is very important as some books on gambling provide inaccurate information and waste your time with silly anecdotes and strategies. To achieve your gambling goals, you should select gambling books that stand out in providing accurate information, effective and practical strategies, and anecdotes that would easily illustrate points that would help you get better at gambling.

Are you tired of losing when you gamble? Then this article is for you as it provides you with some of the best gambling books to help you improve your chances of winning.

Here is the list of seven best books on gambling we recommend you to start with:

  1. Soccernomics;
  2. Man for all markets;
  3. Trading Bases;
  4. One of a kind: the world’s most outstanding player;
  5. Gambling for life;
  6. The theory of poker;
  7. The logic of sports betting.


The author of this book, Simon Kuper, worked on the 2018 world cup and created a pattern or method that ensures he ends up winning more than he could ever imagine on sports betting. It was published in 2018, and it contains 512 pages. In the book, Kuper illustrated that each sports betting event is unique and should be learned individually, and a strategy must be established for it.

Simon Kuper successfully argued that observing certain events in a game and a particular season could lead to a profitable sports betting strategy. Kuper was able to get some future predictions right in the book using his own designed strategies.

Man For All Markets

This book is one of the best all-around gambling books you will find out there. The author is named Edward O. Thorp, who explained how he beat the dealer and the market. The book was published in 2017 and contains 416 pages; it’s a book on trading/gambling. In this book, the author tells a story of how a mathematician was able to teach himself to predict stocks pattern, count cards in blackjack, and turn his knowledge of the way the world spins into making lots of fortune.

In this book, Edward argued that personal wealth is not constantly dwelling on chance as he was able to cite examples of how he amassed great wealth while trading, gambling, and betting. Edward explained in the book that he was able to do that after spending a considerable amount of time studying mathematical patterns, constants and gaining non-specialist knowledge, which enabled him to make the right calls in the long term.

Trading Bases

This is a book on sports betting/ trading. The author of the book is Joe Peta. The book was published in 2014 and consists of 384 pages. The book tells how a wall street trader was able to make a fortune betting on baseball. Joe Peta explained in the book that it took him an MBA degree from Stanford and several years on Wall Street to eventually follow his passion for fantasy baseball.

This book encourages you always to seek and widen your knowledge of a hobby you love. The book also teaches you that you do not have to be a sports or maths expert to excel in gambling.

One Of a Kind: The World’s Greatest Player

This is a book on poker gambling with 336 pages and was published in 2005. The author of the book is Nolan Dalla. The author tells the story of Stuey Ungar, a legendary poker player, how he overcame incredible odds to become one of the greatest in the game.

Ungar was a heavy drug and alcohol addict, which as a result, renders him unconscious when playing. The book tells how he won the world series of poker just after he had lost it all once, but his friend was able to buy him right in. Ungar was a legend in the poker community and wasn’t concerned about the money-making aspect of the game. But to play cards repeatedly successfully until his name was etched in the poker game.

If you want to be successful as a poker player, Stuey Ungar is someone to learn from.

Gambling For Life

The gambling for life is a book on sports betting written by Harry Findlay, the book has 323 pages and was published in 2017. The book tells a story of a legendary modern-day gambler whose luck, knowledge, and understanding of gambling and sports betting have given him a respected status.

He was able to win 22 million dollars on several contests, which were based on chance than sound reasoning. Nevertheless, he was remarkably known to have a unique talent to read sports events in a way that no one else does.

The Theory Of Poker

The theory of poker is a book on poker gambling with 324 pages and was published in 1999. The author of this book is named David Sklansky. The book provides you with an honest and business approach to poker. This book would teach you how to think like a professional when gambling.

Sklansky wrote the book with easily accessible language and content practical while using academic precision. In this book, you would learn all about the various meanings of each game and how the odds change depending on the game you are playing.

Just in case if you doubt if this book is for you, be reminded that almost every poker millionaire has learned from this book. The book provides you with a cornerstone introduction to poker gambling.

The Logic Of Sports Betting

The logic of sports betting is a book on sports gambling with 239 pages published in 2019. The author of the book is named Ed Miller. The author explained why rushed bets are usually a bad idea. He also talks about knowing when sports betting is just a hobby and when you want to make an actual monetary return from it.

Though this book would give you no easy solutions, it would complement and increase your knowledge of how sports betting works.


As much as there are books on winning gambling, some books stand out in providing you with the strategies you need to succeed in gambling. Reviewed above are some of the best books to read if you always want to win when you gamble.

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