Top 5 things you need to know about bridesmaid dress shopping

When it comes to bridesmaid dress shopping, there’s a lot that goes into the process. Your girls will expect you to take them around and try on different styles and colors just so they’re comfortable with what they’re wearing for your big day (and as much as we appreciate not feeling like an outsider at all, we don’t necessarily want to feel like one during the event).

Whether you’re doing this process online or in-store, there are some things about bridesmaid dress shopping that you should brace your girls for before any appointments:

1) High Quality Doesn’t Mean High Price

You may think that only high-end stores carry high-quality dresses, but that’s not true. If anything, small boutiques can offer you a better selection of high-end gowns because they may not have the same name brands that chain stores carry. High-end boutiques will spend more time sourcing their dresses because they’ll want to ensure you’re walking out with the best dress possible.

2) High Price Doesn’t Mean High Quality

And, on the flip side, just because a store carries low to medium-priced dresses does not mean it’s your only option. If you want to save money (while still ensuring high quality), look around at other stores in the area before making an appointment; whether it’s department or discount stores, there are plenty of places for bridesmaid dress shopping without completely breaking the bank.

3) You Have Options Online Too

While physical stores may offer you more options for the style, color, and silhouette of your dress, there are still plenty of stores online that you can browse to find what you’re looking for. High-end boutiques will have their websites where they’ll sell their dresses without the store markup, allowing for a broader range of competition which means more variation in price.

4) There’s More Than Just Dresses

Along with bridesmaid gowns being offered at boutiques online or in-store, other items can be found offsite. These include accessories like clutches, belts, jewelry, and shoes (and yes, you should factor these into your purchase). They may also offer vails, shawls, and jackets (many of which tend to be custom-fitted for the person wearing them).

5) You Can Buy At Different Prices

And, while you may want all your girls in the same dress (and it’s understandable), no rule says someone can’t wear a dress that costs more than another. High-end boutiques tend to offer discounts on their dresses; if one girl wants a specific style or color, ask how much it’d cost for her. Although bridesmaids are generally expected to pay for their dresses too because they’re offsite where prices typically aren’t discounted as much as in-stores, many shops will work with your budget, so don’t feel like you have to rely on chain stores to save money.

When it comes to bridesmaid dress shopping, you’re sending your girls on a mini-journey of their own and helping them find their sense of style, which is essential for any event that involves dressing up. High-end boutiques may offer different options than department or discount stores, but they’ll ensure your girls feel like themselves while still looking great in the process (which should always be one of your goals when you’re planning an event).

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