Daily Skincare Routines for Every Type of Skin

Facial care is a ritual whose importance cannot be overstated. With a well-planned system, daily care becomes a 10-minute pleasure in the mornings and evenings, and the results will come quickly.

The right approach to facial care always starts with determining your skin type. This is necessary to choose the right cosmetic products. Products for oily and dry skin, for example, differ significantly and the wrong approach may lead to negative consequences. There are four types of skin or hair in total – normal, oily, dry, and combination. The stages of facial skincare are the same for all skin types, the only difference is the cosmetic products for these procedures, for the selection of which it is initially better to contact a cosmetologist.

A daily skincare routine at home includes the following basic steps:

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Basic care (moisturizing and nourishing)
  • Complementary care
  • Protecting

Adhering to each stage is an important part of care.

Age labeling for cosmetics

What criteria should be used to select skincare products at different ages, and why shouldn’t you use skincare products labeled anti-aging if you are over the age of 20?

Your skincare routine will also change as you get older:

–  The natural aging process begins in your 20s, and although it will be a while before you see the first signs of maturity, it’s time to start taking preventative measures now. The skin at this age should be provided with antioxidant support and intensive moisturizing. Age 25 and up, it’s worth including an eye moisturizer in your beauty routine. Young skin makes the most of its resources and is in good shape to renew itself, so moisturizing and regular cleansing is enough to keep it toned.

–  At 30+, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other elements necessary to maintain skin density, firmness, and elasticity is already markedly reduced in the body. By the age of 35, age-related changes become visible: fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration creases, and the skin loses tone. It is recommended to increase antioxidant support, add UV protection, and include hyaluronic acid and collagen-based anti-aging formulas in your beauty routine.

–  At 40+, it’s time for a full-blown fight against age-related changes. By the age of 45, many people start to show visible signs of skin maturity, such as pigmentation, deformation of the facial contours, deep creases and a network of fine wrinkles around the eyes and lips, and a decrease in skin turgor. At this age, your cosmetic bag should be replenished with products containing retinol, peptides, and rhamnose.

–  At 50+, we enter a period of age-related hormonal reorganization. Almost all elements maintaining youthfulness and tonus of the skin stop their natural synthesis and must be replenished with suitable compensating care. Facial contours begin to change, gravitational ptosis appears, skin becomes thin, loose, dry, and sensitive. Compensating care contains powerful anti-aging formulas that replenish moisture and collagen deficiencies in skin cells.

How to choose the best products for your daily facial

The foundation of a beauty routine for any age is pretty much the same set of treatments, varying only in the intensity and concentration of the formulas.

The basic care

The basic care is applied twice a day. Immediately after toning, an eye treatment such as an eye cream with vitamin E and beneficial acids is applied. Follow with the main facial collagen anti wrinkle cream. Apply in the morning 15-30 minutes before applying makeup and allow time for makeup to fully absorb. In the evening, at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

Moisturization is a very important point in self-care because it is the moisture that makes our skin look fresh and healthy. It is necessary to moisturize all skin types in the morning and evening because a lack of moisture leads to skin dryness, loss of elasticity, and firmness, and as a result, wrinkles appear prematurely. While taking care of your face, don’t forget to apply cosmetic products to your neck and décolleté zone.

Your choice of neck firming cream should be based on your skin’s individual needs. Remember that moisturizing and nourishing do not exist without the other. At temperatures above +7, we moisturize our skin in the morning and nourish it in the evening. At temperatures below + 7 vice versa. In autumn it is recommended to move to more saturated, oily, and dense textures, in summer on the contrary, to gel and light textures.

Peeling 30% glycolic acid pads

Cleansing pads exfoliate keratinized tissue, smooth skin texture, reduce the appearance of imperfections and improve the complexion. Glycolic acid-impregnated peel pads are designed to cleanse and refresh the skin. Recommended for dull, oily, and combination skin with enlarged pores. They can be used for daily care.

Other cosmetic products

For effective care of volume-deprived and thin hair, try the biotin and collagen shampoo. This expertly created beauty product will give your hair luxurious volume, attractive shine and silky smoothness. Biotin and collagen shampoo gently cleanses strands of accumulated dirt, styling products, and sebum particles.

Micellar cleansers and cleansing milk are excellent for removing impurities from the face. If you use them in place of water, use a cotton pad dipped in tonic water to remove product residue. One of the steps in taking good care of your skin is to wash your face every day. Cleansing your skin in the morning and evening will prepare it for further treatment.

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