Modelones & Pantone Color Institute launched their A/WNails2021 Collection

On November 5, the most anticipated cooperation with Pantone and Modelones A/WNails2021 collection was grandly launched on the official website. When Pantone’s unique collided colors met Modelones’ beauty ingenuity, two special color series, EMBOLDENED – A/W 2021 and FIERCE – Holiday 2021, were born. This is undoubtedly exciting news for nail lovers and loyal readers. What unexpected surprises will the Modelones and Pantone color institute express?

As we know that iridescent tips and color-changing decals can instantly turn an otherwise plain manicure into full-on nail-art inspiration. Therefore, shaping your nails a certain way can have just as much impact on a nail look, just like lipstick nails sets. The lipstick nails sets from Pantone and Modelones A/WNails2021 collection also bring stylish and unique clever visual design. There are two new theme collection designs, EMBOLDENED – A/W 2021 and FIERCE – Holiday 2021. The two theme collection show different color characteristics and styles, which can definitely give you an interesting visual experience.

There are two color palettes in the entire collaboration collection, each of which has a set of lipstick nail gel, dip powder, and 12 color acrylic powder combined with the two palettes. The color sources of these two themes are also very unique and attractive, there are 2 new trend palettes of 6 colors each supported by visual color inspiration that show a range of tones. Each new color trend palette supports Modelones brand personality and was additionally selected for its trend relevance.

Emboldened is an upbeat collection of vibrant colors whose message of pulsating excitement enlivens and energizes. Chock full of optimism and positivity, Emboldened animates creative spirit and encourages the expression of personal style and individuality. Bold and confident, the feel-good factor of these pure unadulterated colors are evocative of the vivid euphoria of the mid-’90s as well as the dramatic visual filters and techno effects that tie together the experiential and the virtual.

The FIERCE theme series is about a story of unapologetic glamour and flamboyance. A palette of rich and beguiling hues creates statement-making drama. A “look at me” attitude with a provocative edge is apparent in this blended palette of dynamic reds and perfumed pastels that appear to come straight from the boudoir. Highlighting our long-awaited yearning to get dressed up and revel in the enjoyment of an evening “out on the town”, a sexy camera-ready story of color keenly suited to an evening of unabashed glamour. 

For a loyal manicure enthusiast, it would be surprised by the cooperation between these two brands. Especially for the Modelones, it has achieved a new breakthrough. The cooperation between the nail industry and the color institute is very brave.

Whether you’re into colors and designs that are minimal, bold, graphic, or neutral, you can find your favorite design in the cooperation of Modelones and Pantone Color Institute. The main recommended lipstick nails set starts from $36.99. For more information, please visit their official website: