5 Stocking Stuffers For The Beauty Lover

Good things come in small packages, and stocking stuffers are proof positive of exactly that. Whether you need something to actually put in a stocking or are just looking for a small gift for your beauty-loving friend, these gifts are sure to please. A friendly word of advice? You may also want to consider snagging one or two for yourself.

Lip Gloss


Lip gloss is a perfect addition to any stocking. It doesn’t just have to be limited to lip gloss, whether you wanted to gift lip gloss, lipstick, chapstick, any lip product is perfect. Lip products help to brighten the face and can make you look more put together instantly. They’re small enough to be kept in a purse or pocket. You can’t go wrong with a quick gloss.

Under-Eye Patches


Under-eye masks are designed to hydrate skin and target signs of aging. While making time for the recommended eight to nine hours of sleep a night isn’t always possible depending on your lifestyle, there are products you can add to your skincare routine to help fake a wide-awake appearance. Under-eye patches are great for a beauty lover looking to elevate her skincare routine.

Nail Polish

nail color


Getting your nails done every two weeks can get pricey. Gifting nail polish is a great money saver for the beauty lover who likes to have their nails polished. With a plethora of colors to choose from, simply pick your bestie’s favorite color and you’re set! This gift not only will keep your friend looking classy, but it’ll help her save some money too!



Tweezers are essential for anyone who cares about their hygiene. Tweezers allow for the most detailed and accurate brow shaping, leading to the most beautiful and perfect results possible. Tweezing doesn’t harm the skin and there’s little risk of major errors since each hair is taken individually.

Makeup Wipes

As much as any beauty lover likes makeup, it has to come off eventually. I found that the easiest way for this is with makeup wipes. They don’t require a lather and rinse, they’re travel-friendly, they’re often more affordable than traditional cleansers. Overall, they’re all-around the most convenient option.

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