Exploring TV Themes in the Online Slots World

The arrival of the internet caused the gaming world to explode. Originally, online casinos provided classic table games, but as tech got more sophisticated, they became able to expand their offering and added online slot machines to their services. 

Now, so many operators have materialized that the market has become oversaturated, persuading brands in the industry to innovate heavily to attract customers. In this competitive industry, any edge, no matter how small or large, has become important in the operators’ battle to draw new players to their online gaming sites and retain them.

Understanding the popularity of online slots

One of the most popular casino games online are slot games. Technology has had a massive hand in helping slots to become popular. Their availability online already creates major convenience, but now operators have made them mobile-friendly, they’re even more accessible. The switch from Flash, which was incompatible with smartphones, to HTML5, which is compatible with them, to develop the slots means a generation that wants to play while they’re on the move can now do so.

The random number generators (RNGs) have also played their part in winning the hearts of online gamers. This software keeps the outcome of the spins completely random. Neither you nor the operator can predict the outcome of a spin, so the result of the spin is both engaging and fair.

Bonuses and promotions also make online slots more appealing. There are now more than ever available for online players to redeem. One of the most frequently used is slots no deposit allowing players to play free online slot games without depositing their own money. Other promotions include a certain number of free spins if players deposit a set amount.

When slots and TV shows combine

One of the ways online casino operators retain players is through offering a wide variety of themed slots. TV themes are popular with players and benefit both the operators and the producers of the TV show. How?

TV-themed slots allow operators to find their target audience. Fans are already familiar with the show and identify with it in some way. This familiarity adds to their engagement with the game, a game which is already more or less tailored to them as fans of the show. 

The theme also boosts the fans’ engagement with the game. The graphics and the story, which they’re already likely to know, are good, as are features such as the free spins, multipliers, and other elements of the game. Players get a buzz out of activating their favourite character and triggering a bonus because of it. All of this engagement helps the operator to retain the player.

Online slot players’ thirst for variety creates a regal opportunity for the TV producers to expand the show’s audience. As the players look for new games to try, they may consider playing a TV-themed slot, which can foster an interest in the show itself. If they enjoy the slot, they may also become fans of the show and, since they’re already familiar with the slot, engage more with it. 

A lot of online slots operators don’t expect players to immediately start playing money games on the slots. They allow players to try slots for free, which can enable them to try TV-themed slots and get comfortable with them before they wish to spend money on them. The process can transform them into gradual fans of both the slot and the TV show.

Various TV shows have inspired the creation of slot games.

The TV-themed slots that are capturing the hearts of online slots players

Providers offering different TV-themed slots have increased the popularity of the game amongst existing players and attracted many new players too.

Of course, there have been some big hits in the world of TV, with fans following the drama of the shows and the adventures of the protagonists in them. Below is a look at some of the most popular online slots out there based on TV shows:

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones slot is a five-reel one and offers 243 different bet ways, which offers potential for players to walk away with some serious cash in their accounts. That’s even before the bonus features. 

As you’d expect, the world of Westeros provides the setting for the slot. When playing, players can serve one of the show’s four different houses. Each house has its own free spins bonus, which differs depending on the house chosen.

Game of Thrones is a popular TV series that has inspired slot games.



‘Narcos’ is another show that has kept audiences enthralled, as the protagonists pursue the infamous late drug baron Pablo Escobar. The game based on the show likewise captivates the players.

Like the Game of Thrones slot, there are 243 different bet ways and the game is a five-reel affair. The slot features 10 different paying symbols, with characters from the game (including agents Peña and Murphy, whose mission is to bring the evil drug lord to justice), Escobar’s flamingos and planes carrying smuggled goods being the higher-paying symbols. Amongst the game’s bonus features are the Narcos free spins round and the ‘locked up’ bonus, the latter displaying a mugshot of Escobar and paying between 1 and 10 times your stake.

Joe Exotic

Netflix’s series Tiger King was launched on our screens in 2020 and became one of Netflix’s most popular series ever in the US with an estimated 34.3 million viewers in the first 2 weeks of airing.

With the popularity of the TV show, there is no wonder slot providers created a Tiger King themed slot game on one of the main characters. This type of slot game has 5 reels with 20 pay lines, the game also includes a free spin bonus known as ‘Exotic Spins’. The slot includes a range of symbols including Joe himself and tigers.

Wheel of Fortunes

TV game-based shows are very popular in the UK with many families sitting down on an evening to watch game shows together. One of the biggest game show names is Wheel of Fortunes which aired back in 1975.

The wheel of fortunes themed slot game is created by Megaways, meaning players have many chances to win. The graphics of the game are very colourful and luxury with high-end prizes such as cars and private jets used as the symbols. This game has an average RTP of 96.46%.

Online slots are popular and are likely to grow even bigger. Themed slots work a long way to creating the engagement that is generating such popularity, as does the tech that powers the slots and makes them easily accessible. If you’re a fan of a particular TV show and wish to play on the slots, it’s always worth searching online to see if there’s a slot based on it. There’s always a good possibility it will be.