Top 5 Best Meditation Pillows

Mediation Pillows are great for zen and relaxing your body, but the best meditation pillows are designed to better support your spine and will have the proper height and width needed to take any pressure off your hips and knees. Which shape you go with will depend on your personal preferences, but they will all be made from high-quality, natural materials. Bonus points if the filling is removable, so you can customize the level of firmness.

When Looking for a mediation pillow, you should pay attention to many different features of the pillow, including the filling, the size, and how comfortable the pillow is, for not only your back, but also your full body as well.

Peace Yoga Meditation Pillow

Receiving nearly five stars on Amazon, this pillow is perfect for people who practice yoga and mediation. The multi-purpose cushion can act as a great support for your many yoga and mediation poses. The pillow also great ease when it comes to practicing and getting up on hardwood floors, it helps well with your joints and creates perfect alignment for your spine. The full-zip cotton cover can be removable and machine-washable for anyone looking to keep the pillow fresh and clean.

Seat Of Your Soul Crescent Meditation Pillow

This pillow is perfect for anyone traveling on the go, or even just sitting at home meditating and doing yoga. The Buddhist pillow supports up to 350 pounds of weight for any size, shape, or body type. The outer layer of the pillow is machine washable, only in cold water though to protect the outer layer of the pillow. The zipper on the pillow allows it the be very customizable for anyone’s needs. No matter where you are doing your daily mediation, you will be fully comfortable with the support of the pillow, due to being able to change it to your comfort level.

Retrospec Sedona Meditation Cushion

This pillow is perfect for your long meditation sessions. The firm cushion allows you to meditate for long periods of time. It improves your body in many different ways, including fatigue and keeping your spine leveled, so you don’t get back pain from mediating. In addition to meditation, choose to take a good wellness supplement like total restore and reap maximum benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Bean Products Zafu And Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set

This mediation pillow received almost five stars due to its support and perfect alignment for your body. This pillow is very expensive, coming in at nearly one hundred and ten dollars, but for a good reason. The pillow was created by avid mediators and designed for the perfect meditation session. The pillow allows for many hours of mediation sessions and creates a nice position for your entire body to relax and enjoy the pillow.

Gabur Foldable Meditation Cushion

This foldable mediation cushion is perfect for traveling and meditating at home. The pillow is 100% cotton and allows for long and peaceful mediation sessions, on a comfy pillow. The pillow is great for meditating on the floor and has great firmness to it.