Sustainable Activewear Brands to Consider in 2022

Clothing from sustainable materials, is manufactured using environmentally friendly materials. Thus, reducing the impact of clothing production on the environment. Many businesses are morally devoted to paying fair salaries and ensuring a healthy and safe workplace. In fact, some consumers choose sustainable sportswear because they want to help the environment and workers across the supply chain. They are interested in understanding the origins of their items as well as the manufacturing process.


Reprise believes that we should be aware of what we absorb via our minds and bodies. Therefore, we should think carefully before purchasing products, and avoid using superfluous plastics. Reprises advocates everyday mindfulness as a strategy to achieve positive change that can help reduce the damage to the environment we live in. They want to replace fear-based decisions and behaviours. This can be done by motivating tiny habits that will improve your life. Hence, starting by choosing sustainable and ethical sportswear.

Ref Active

Reformation has launched Ref Active, a sustainable and size-inclusive activewear range. The first collection combines function and style. The collection features sports bras, leggings, jumpsuits, and more in photo-ready hues including subdued blue, green, and beige. In comparison to virgin polyester, Repreve uses 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and produces 45 percent less energy, 20 percent less water, and 30 percent less greenhouse gas emissions.

Organic Basics

Organic Basics have an impressive range of sustainability initiatives as well. These include a low-impact website option. If you are looking to stock up on wearable pieces, their everyday essentials can be brought in packs. From yoga pants made from recyclable materials, active wear with high performance properties, and loungewear made from soft, natural fibres, this brand covers all the basics. What’s more, their products are made in Europe with eco-certified materials. It does not come as a surprise that certificates play an important role for customers when they choose a clothing brand. Similar is also true for casinos. For instance, Platin Casino Ireland is a certified casino, which is one of the reasons why it has a big customer base. 


Wolven, a manufacturer of activewear and swimwear, has a Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) in China. This ensures healthy, safe, and ecologically responsible operations. In addition, the business in Los Angeles also has a small crew of tailors who manufacture T-shirts and skirts. Wolven engages in carbon-offset projects to ensure that its imported shipments are carbon-neutral. Through a relationship with Climate Neutral, the company also promotes rainforest protection and landfill methane absorption.


Patagonia’s line of effortlessly stylish activewear and swimwear is perfect for an outdoor or in-water workout. The brand focuses on fair trade production and use recycled textiles in most of its collection. These are finished in vibrant patterns or solid colours to suit your unique taste. In addition, the swim and wetsuit collection caters to all watersports enthusiasts. So whether it’s surfing or waterskiing Patagonia has got you.


Sustainable sportswear is becoming more popular, and there are a plethora of high-quality companies to choose from. These fashionable clothes may even rekindle your desire to exercise. Purchasing from sustainable clothing manufacturers helps to lessen the environmental impact of clothes production while also promoting labour fairness. Reach out to any Sustainable Activewear service retailer if you have any additional questions regarding a specific brand’s methods.

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