Fun Ways to Document Your Time at College

If you are planning to attend college in the coming months, you may be wondering how to remember one of the busiest yet most exciting times of your life. It is, after all, a time to meet new people, expand your knowledge of a particular subject, and, perhaps most importantly, experience independent living for the first time. To familiarise yourself with fun ways to document your time at college, continue reading. 

Write a daily journal  

If you have yet to embark on your college journey, writing a daily journal from the first day you set foot on campus until the day you graduate can serve as a detailed reminder of how you spent your time at college. This can be done by making a note of your thoughts the second they enter your head, describing key events or milestones in real-time, or filling in pre-written questions in a journal at the end of the day. A simple colour-coding system can also be a great way to look back on how you felt during specific days, events, or deadlines whilst at college. 

Create photo memory books

While words tell plenty on their own, it remains true that a single picture is  worth a thousand of them – and, if you don’t take them now, you’ll regret it in the future. 

It can be a particularly great way to document your time at college by encouraging you to snap photos during both mundane and exciting events alike such as dancing at parties, grabbing coffee with a friend, and even studying in the library. A photo memory book from My Social Book, for example, can allow you to print images straight from your social media channels and immortalise photos that remind you of pivotal moments during your college career.   

Fill a decorative jar 

If you like to collect small trinkets and keepsakes along the way, filling a decorative jar can be a great way to safely store those important memories to look back on over the years as you reminisce on your college years. This can include public transport stubs, concert tickets, bracelet charms, and even keychains that were attached to your dorm keys. If you plan to display it proudly in your room for everyone to see, string lights can also illuminate your memories and serve as a key conversation starter for anyone that enters your room or just for yourself to glance at when you are feeling particularly nostalgic for some of the best years of your life. 

If you are set to go to college in the coming months or have recently found yourself in possession of hundreds, or even thousands, of images of yourself during your time at college so far, it may be worth taking the time to decide how you will document one of the most important times of your life. This can, for example, be done in a number of ways but tends to be most commonly done by creating a photo memory book, writing a daily journal, or filling a decorative jar.