Student Gambling: Things You Need to Know

Here’s the thing, if you’re already an adult and already working for your career, it should be fine to gamble from time to time to relax a bit and no one will come after you for that – providing you do it clean, of course.

What will make your gambling a problem, aside from addiction, is when you’re still underage or still a student. Well, for the student part, the prohibition for gambling isn’t absolute. You are technically allowed to gamble provided you’re already on the right age set by your gambling laws and if you don’t do it within your university. 

To know more about student gambling, know these facts:

Gambling in college

College students are usually the ones who are easily exposed to gambling, or gambling addiction in the worst cases. It’s during this period of student life that most will be allowed to do so for reaching young adulthood.

In a study by the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) about youth and college gambling, NCRG mentioned that some 2.6 percent of students in the United States are gambling weekly or more frequently during the school year. The rate is almost the same with the gambling adults who gamble at least weekly at 2.25 percent, from the analysis of 66 different studies of the adult population.

Given the aforementioned facts, it can be assumed that gambling has already reached the youth and student population. It’s also apparent that the number of gambling students is quite high as compared to the general adult population. There are several reasons for that which will be further discussed.

Why do college students gamble?

In a study conducted among college student gamblers by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), it was found that some of the motivations of most students to gamble include winning money, for social reasons, for fun and excitement, or just to kill boredom.

Furthermore, another critical contributory factor why students get engaged in gambling is due to homesickness and the idea of escapism. As students move out from home, it’s natural for them to miss the home they’ve lived all their lives. And to block that feeling of homesickness, they look for ways to divert their attention, the reason why while some gamble, others get addicted to video games and in some cases do drugs.

If you’re a student gambler, you should slow down your gambling habits or you’ll get addicted to it. You should take note of these signs to know if you’re already developing a gambling addiction:

  • You’ll have a strong preoccupation with gambling
  • Spend most of your time gambling
  • Spending higher amounts of money
  • You’ll lose interest in things that interest you before

How to avoid/manage gambling addiction?

If you’re already developing the signs that you’re already developing a gambling addiction, hold up as it’s never too late to address the negative impacts of gambling. The following are the things you can do to avoid or manage gambling addiction.

Help yourself

No one can help you best to fight or avoid addiction more than yourself. You should realize it when things are getting out of hand and recognize the need to make a way to revert your gambling habits.

You should have the strong willpower to stop playing, block your account, and seek help from others when you know you’re already developing a gambling addiction.

Block your account

If you’re engaged in online gambling, you’re just a few taps away from blocking your own account on the websites you’re gambling in. There are also third-party sites that can do it for you to make sure you lose access to any gambling websites.

Take GAMSTOP, for example. It’s a free online self-exclusion website in the United Kingdom that helps you restrict your online gambling activities so you will be prevented from accessing gambling apps and sites operating in Great Britain.

Seek help (from families and professionals)

After helping yourself and blocking your accounts, you should let others join the picture. Let other people help you, especially the ones closest to you. During these times it always helps to seek comfort from others.

Seeking professional help is also a necessary step for you to give you more comprehensive advice on ways you can manage your addiction.

Find healthier ways to escape

The best way to revert the negative effects of addiction is to address the root cause. As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons students (or any individual) engage in gambling is because they see this as a way of escape. 

Now, you need to look for healthier habits that can divert your attention away from gambling. You can do so by developing new skills or learning new hobbies, such as doing arts, sports, or simply going to the gym. 

At the age of exploration, it’s not a surprise that students can easily be hooked up to gambling. If you’re at this stage of your life, remember the information above to avoid the perils of playing too much. As they say, it’s all fun and games until you get addicted to it.

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