Top 5 Ways To Perk Up Your Living Space

Spring cleaning season is upon us and now that many of us are instructed to stay inside for the next several weeks the idea of tidying and brightening up our living spaces is even more appealing. Here are five ways to freshen up your home this season!

Organize Your Bookshelves


One of the most overlooked places to tidy up our bookshelves. Instead of just providing a quick dusting to your beloved novels try rearranging them. One of the hottest Instagram trends is to organize your book collection by the color to give a lively rainbow effect. For a clean, neutral look display your books where the spine faces inwardly.

Declutter Your Closet


Now is the perfect time to declutter your wardrobe. Items that have been purchased but never used or clothes that haven’t been worn in over two years signify that you probably won’t wear them at all. Places like clothing consignment stores and donation organizations are a great place to give your old clothes a new home.

Sort Through Your Beauty Stash


Makeup doesn’t last forever! Although we all wish it would, cosmetics actually have expiration dates. Old products can grow bacteria and when applied to the face can cause all kinds of skin irritations. It is important to regularly check through which products have expired and sanitize frequently used beauty items and brushes.

Categorize Your Pantry


Non-perishable foods are a big deal these days. The majority of households are trying to limit their grocery store trips and extend their food as long as they can. Keeping track of what foods you have, which foods you might need, and items that are expiring soon can help to decrease the stress surrounding meal preparation.

DIY Home Improvements


There are a number of small upgrades you can implement in your own home without having to hire a contractor or handyman. You can revamp bathroom and kitchen surfaces with self-installing peel and stick flooring and backsplashes. Another great way to add some color and dimension to a room is to put up some wallpaper for a unique statement.



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