How to Find the Best Winter Getaways in 2022?

What would be the best winter getaways in 2022 will depend on what you like, but there are some locations that shouldn’t be off your radar this season.

The Best Winter Getaways in 2022

The cold weather is upon us, and that leaves us with two choices. Our winter getaways can either embrace the cold and make the most of it or fly away to warmer shores. This will depend on your affinity and your budget, but in all cases, most people can find somewhere to go.

For this list, we have used three major traveller categories to find out where is the best place to go:

  1. Active travellers
  2. Wanting to relax
  3. Shopaholics and snoopers

And there is truly something for everyone. Even with many places closed for travel, those who are willing to research will find new ones that are less explored and can be even more exciting.

Additionally, for each of these options, there are ways to make it barebones to your location and stay for a pittance or to splurge out on the most luxurious experience you can imagine. In both cases, you would have a good time and satisfy your wanderlust, especially if it is in good company.

Take note that as the situation on the ground changes, some places become less hospitable than others. For instance, South Africa used to be a great destination for parties, but at this moment, it is better to visit South Africa online casinos if you really want to try your luck.

Finally, always take vacation tips as an idea and not a strict recommendation. Only if you are free to find the best option for yourself, you will know that you are visiting a place you really want to be.

#1 Swiss Alps

For anyone whose idea of a good time is spending hours in physical exercise, the slopes of the Alps is the destination to be in the winter. And, while there is excellent tracking in Austria, France, or Italy, the Swiss part of the Alps is both secluded, safe, and very comfortable.

There is a large variety of skiing tracks, both for those who prefer fast slopes and those who appreciate powder. Also, there are slow ones for anyone who is just entering the sport.

The tourist offer is also very wide. If you are interested in spending the entire day outside, there are collective cabins that will provide you with a bed, bath, a place for your gear, and little else. But, it will cost you as much as an average meal per day.

For those with deeper pockets, the sky is the limit. There are exclusive and very private lodges to rent with staff. These come with their private spa and recreation area, as well as many other amenities.

#2 The Caribbean

If you want to have a good plan for travelling to the Caribbean, then plan to do nothing. The warm sands and sunny weather will be enough to keep you happy and content. And, while there are options for an active vacation, that shouldn’t be the goal when it’s winter everywhere else.

Also, many people today opt to stay in these warm sands and work remotely. According to Tony Sloterman, the Product Owner of Casino Bonuses Finder, ‘’Many of our casino bonuses experts came from the Dutch Caribbean because it is a global centre of betting and gambling administrations, but even with the business moving, few opted to move to colder climates.’’

Maybe you will leave just to relax and stay longer than you expected.

#3 Morocco

Last but by no means the least, is Morocco which has for a while been off the radar for many. This west African nation has been a hub of trade for millennia and is even now one of the most colourful places you can visit.

Marrakech specifically is a dream location for shoppers, as it can offer spices and textiles rarely seen anywhere else in the world. There is also oil, leather, glassware, and amazing furniture pieces. 

But, even if you don’t have the budget to shop, there is great food and a lot of history all over the country, making it one of the best winter getaways in 2022.

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