Polar Cruise: Comfort and Safety to the Polar Region

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The polar region offers the magnificent beauty of icebergs, ice-capped areas, and wildlife. In the Arctic, you’ll have the chance to come face-to-face with marine mammals and landscapes rarely explored by people. Though polar expeditions are exciting, you also need to ensure your comfort and safety. 

A Balance Between Comfort, Safety, and Expedition

If you’re looking for an unforgettable cruise ship experience, expeditions offering high-class services are what you should aim for. Such as the following:

Comfortable Cabins

Some ships offer luxurious cruises that are designed for comfort. Small cruises to the polar region can carry about 100 to 200 passengers. The lower the number of passengers aboard, the more comfortable passengers are. 

There are four types of cabins:

  • Outside. The outside or ocean view cabin is a room with a porthole or window to see the outside. Its size is often similar to inside cabins or larger.
  • Inside. Inside the cabins are the smallest sized-room. They have no window to the outside. 
  • Balcony. Balcony cabins are rooms with a veranda that allow passengers to go outside without going out to the public deck.
  • Suite. Suite rooms are larger cabins. Often, it has separate living and sleeping areas. Suite cabins also have a variety of perks and extra amenities.

Consider the following for a more comfortable cruise ship experience: 

  • Stability. If you tend to get motion sickness such as seasickness, the location of your cabin is essential. Choose a cabin on the lower deck closer to the water. A cabin toward the middle or the front of the ship is also a good choice. 

If you like a cabin with a balcony, you must choose the lowest level in the middle. The higher decks and back of the ship have the most motion.

  • Outdoor space. If you want to avoid crowds and rest quietly on your veranda, you can choose cabins with a balcony. However, if you want to spend your time outside your cabin, cabins with no outdoor space are okay.
  • Family accommodation. Some ships have special family accommodations for families or groups. These cabins are often suites with separate rooms for the kids. 
  • Suites. If you can afford it, suite cabins are often the most oversized rooms featuring high-quality amenities and entertainment. 
  • Solo cabins. If you travel alone, you can choose solo cabins. However, not every ship has solo cabins. 
  • Cabin amenities. If you want extra amenities or to be pampered during your travel, suite cabins are good for you. Suite cabins come with a variety of privileges and extras. 

Travel Safely with Expedition Experts

Most polar region expedition teams have an expedition leader, assistant expedition leader, polar explorer, photographer, and doctor. They should always include a doctor who cares for their passengers and the expedition team’s health. 

Some cruise ships also have a clinic area equipped to handle unforeseeable health emergencies. Although there’s an available doctor, common medications, and emergency supplies, it’s still essential to bring your maintenance and prescribed medications.

Small Ships – Big Adventures

Most ships traveling to the polar region are small because they can go to channels and bays where other ships cannot enter. Some of these ships include:

  • Nuclear icebreaker ships. Icebreaker ships can force their way through 2.5-meter-thick ice fields. This will allow passengers to get closer to the Arctic iceberg and wildlife.
  • Luxury expedition ships. These ships offer high-quality cabins and amenities, including entertainment.

Friendly and Professional Staffs

Cruise ships value their passenger’s comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Their staff and crew deliver high-quality services for their cruise travelers.

Privately owned cruise companies want to build relationships and trust. To provide excellent services, some cruise ships offer a 1:8 staff-passenger ratio. 

Environment-Friendly Waste, Energy, and Water Management

Most cruise ships are committed to best practices for conserving and preserving the environment. Before choosing your cruise liner, check how they manage their garbage, water waste, and energy to know you’re supporting the right company.


  • Waste Management. Some ships have a comprehensive Garbage Management Plan in compliance with the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters. Aside from reusing and recycling, some polar cruises also reduce waste volume by utilizing a grinding machine, onboard treatment or processing waste, and discharging garbage to a port reception facility.
  • Energy Management. Polar cruise ships follow specific measures to conserve energy, minimize energy waste, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the ship. They minimize electrical loads by using low-consumption LED lights. They also monitor their vessels’ Energy Efficiency Operating Index and regular hull cleaning. 
  • Water Management. Some polar cruise ships treat the wastewater from their ships with an internationally certified sewage treatment system. The sewage system utilizes chemical chlorination and chlorine removal processes to produce safe and clean water before discharging the water. 


Before deciding what expedition to join, you need to first look at the services and amenities the cruise offers. This is to ensure you get to have a comfortable and unforgettable experience!

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