5 Ways to Make Working From Home Awesome

As most of us know, the COVID pandemic has forced many people to work from home, and for some, the idea of that is horrible. Even though WFH has the perks of working comfortably in your PJs (isn’t that the dream?), it can be a huge challenge because the biggest obstacle you will face is yourself. You are your own worst enemy when you let the little voice in the back of your head tell you how much fun your day would be if you could just binge watch Netflix shows.

Plus, there is no one stopping you from leaving your bed or monitoring how many hours you’re wasting mindlessly scrolling through Insta. 

The distractions are endless! This is why I have 5 useful tips that are guaranteed to help you get sh*t done!

Create a proper work zone

If your couch is your office, that’s an issue. You need to create a mini-office where you can focus on work. It doesn’t have to be a separate room, just a designated space that is your headquarters. You could work from your dining room table, hallway desk or kitchen counter. Simply put: a dedicated workspace will help create familiarity and discipline in your day.

Once you create a work spot, don’t let it get messy. Wipe down your surfaces and keep your documents organized so that you don’t have to get overwhelmed with chores in the morning.

Dress the part

To get you in the work mode, swap your old uni track pants and pasta sauce-stained t-shirt for something you’d be willing to wear in public. A fabulous and comfy WFH wardrobe will make you feel professional and empowered to get work done.


Set boundaries

Create working hours and stick to them. Let your friends or family know when they can call or text you so that they don’t disrupt your office hours.

Track your hours

Let’s be honest, staying on task is hella hard. Luckily, there are is a way to help you monitor your tasks.

Approach each task intensely for a set time and then take a short break. Try using toggle.com, which logs how much time you spend on tasks, making it easy for you to add up billable hours and to see how much you got done.


Add a little something special

Small things like yummy smelling candles, a plant, or fresh misting spray will help create a pleasant work environment. Including these soothing additions to your home office can reduce stress, and make you more attentive and alert.