7 Things Every Girl Needs In Her Purse

Everyone has their “go-to” purse. Whether that be a clutch, a cross-body bag, or a tote, everyone has their favorite. What you carry in it though is what is truly important. Sure, you have your basics, wallet, keys, phone. What about the things that not everyone thinks of, but when you need them they’re great to have? You can become the next Mary Poppins with all of the handy things you should start to carry with you.


Advil or some kind of over-the-counter medication is a lifesaver to have with you. Just throw them in a tiny pill case and you’re good to go. You never know when a headache or cramps will hit you, and keeping these with you is a great precautionary.

Hair Tie

No matter the circumstance, wind, heat, a sudden wave of nausea, bad hair day, a hair tie is always essential to have. It can be for you, or some lucky friend or stranger in desperate need of one.


It’s smart to keep your favorite brand of chapstick with you at all times. You don’t truly understand the struggle of chapped lips until it happens and you don’t have anything to rejuvenate them.


I don’t think I need to describe why you might need this. However, they come in handy. For you, a friend, a stranger. Share the love.


Although you may think that if you need to write something down you can just write it on your phone. Wrong. There have been multiple instances where I was very thankful for my black pen at the bottom of my bag.


You should always have some cash on you, for emergencies of course. Keep it tucked behind your ID in your wallet to help you forget about it until you need it. This can come in handy if you have to take a taxi or your card gets declined for whatever reason. Having a small sum of cash on your never hurts.


I don’t know about you, but music can always turn my day around. Headphones are a great way to zone out and tune out any annoyances of the outside world. You can make any commute an entertaining one and be in your own personal music video in your head.