How to Dress for Your First Date

So you’re lucky enough to have been asked on a first date, or brave enough to ask someone to go on one with you. Now you have the important decision of what to wear on the big day! Choosing the right outfit could help you bag a second date, so it’s not a decision to be taken lightly!

Don’t worry, because this guide will take you through some helpful tips so you can choose the perfect outfit no matter where you and your date are heading. So whether you are hoping to dress to impress in designer clothes or looking for something more casual, here’s everything you need to know!

Wear Something Comfortable

Being comfortable on your first date will help you relax and enjoy yourself rather than worrying about buttons coming undone or straps sliding down. So, it’s best to wear an outfit you have worn before, rather than something new that may cause unexpected problems!

As well as feeling comfortable, you should also opt for clothing that helps you feel confident. Again, you don’t want to be worrying about clothing mishaps – if you can relax, you’ll feel more confident and be able to show your date your best self!

Opt for Natural Makeup

Of course, you want to look your very best when meeting a new potential partner for the first time. However, it might be best to avoid over-the-top makeup, instead opting for a more natural, fresh-faced look.

It has been found that many people perceive those wearing less makeup as more trustworthy and approachable. So, instead of a full face of makeup with a dramatic look, play it safe with more muted colors to show off your natural beauty!

Go for a Classic Style

Again, we know you want to look your best for your date, but dressing in ultra-fashionable clothes may actually harm your chances of scoring a second date. Instead, it’s best to try a look that is stylish yet makes you seem approachable.

Depending on where you and your date will be meeting, you can’t go wrong with choices such as a classic little black dress or a smart pair of jeans and a blouse. Rather than making your outfit the star of the show, keep it simple and finish it off with some glamorous accessories instead.

Don’t Wear Anything too Revealing

It’s a common mistake to show a lot of cleavage on the first date. You might think this is the best way to make sure all eyes are on you, but it could actually hinder your chances of a second date.

If you’re looking for a relationship, it’s better to show your shoulder and neck area rather than wearing an overly low-cut top. Showing too much cleavage could make your partner see you more as a casual fling than a potential long-term partner, so it’s better to leave some things to the imagination on your first date!

Dress for the Occassion

If you and your date have planned ahead you know what you will be doing, you can plan your outfit accordingly. You don’t want to be wearing your best dress and heels if you’ll be walking through the forest to a picnic spot!

So, here are some suggestions on what to wear on different types of dates.

Casual Dinner Date

If you’re meeting for a relaxed dinner date, it’s actually quite easy to pick the perfect outfit! Try wearing your best casual dress with some flat sandals. This type of date is ideal if you are a little nervous – you don’t have to try as hard as if you were going to a more formal restaurant in the evening.

You don’t need to be too overdressed, and you won’t have to worry too much about putting your outfit together – just a few simple pieces is all you need.

After-Work Drinks

Meeting your date for drinks straight from the office is also ideal if you’re worried about choosing the perfect outfit. You’ll already be wearing clothes that are suitable for work, meaning you’ll be following our tips above about not showing too much skin!

A blazer and jeans are perfect – they look stylish and smart and will ensure you are comfortable throughout the date.

Outdoor Date

Photo by Jasmin Chew on Unsplash

If you’re heading for a romantic picnic with your date, you won’t want to be overdressed, but you’ll also have to take the weather into consideration! Ensure you wear something warm enough, perhaps layering up with a cardi.

Make sure your clothing is loose enough to make sitting on the ground comfortable, and will also cover your underwear if you’re sitting cross-legged! A long, floaty dress is perfect – you’ll not only look picture-perfect, but you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable, too. Pair it with some flip-flops and a big straw bag, and you’re sure to get that second date!

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