Online Shopping: How To Choose The Correct Shoe Size

With the growing trend of shopping online, many people are moving their focus to buying almost everything they need in online stores. Shoes are not left behind in the items most people go online to buy. I prefer buying shoes online to taking a long walk down the street to make a purchase. 

But the major challenge has always been how to choose the correct shoe size. So I decided to write this article to help you select the right shoe size when next you go shopping online. You can also check on as they have a wide range of reviews from customers that will also assist you in deciding which online shop to visit next.

Below are some tips to help you get the correct shoe of your choice.

  1. Pay Attention to the shape of the shoe and your foot

In most cases, the shape of your foot is a significant determinant of the size of shoe you should buy. People with wide feet are not advised to go for shoes with a pointed nose. Likewise, shoes with a sharp nose should be chosen with a larger size because the shoe model itself is small by default.

  1. Measure your foot correctly

Before going online to buy a shoe, you should consider measuring your foot first. To effectively measure your foot, you have to consider the following steps.

Step 1: get a piece of paper and place it on the floor. Ensure that the paper is large enough to fit your foot in its center.

Step 2: Place your foot at the center of the paper and trace the shape of your foot to bring out a clean sketch. You can repeat this process for the second foot.

Step 3: use a ruler to measure the length of your foot on the sketch you just drew. And then compare it with the listing on the site.

Step 4: Measure your foot’s diameter on the sketch to know how wide your foot is. The widest part of the foot is just beneath the big toe. Ensure you place your ruler on the broadest part of your sketch to get a more accurate result, then go online to compare the size.

  1. Consider seasons 

When buying a seasonal shoe, remember the temperature of the season affects the size of your foot. In heat seasons, for example, feet tend to swell, thereby increasing the size of your foot. In such cases, buy shoes bigger than your usual size with either a half or full increment. Meaning, if your wear size 30, consider buying 30½ or 31.

  1. Buy a larger size if your two feet are different in sizes

Some people have their 2 feet different in size. To be on the safer side, I advise you buy shoes in a larger size. Mostly, it is the longer size of foot you will use in making your purchase. Remember, most online shops will not allow you to buy different sizes of the same pair of shoes.

  1. Search for particular shoe size recommendation

On some sites, the shoe manufacturer usually has a special listing of suggestions for shoe size based on the foot shapes and sizes. Pay attention to some of the listings, as they will help you make the right decision. 

It is always nice to find a perfect shoe size that your feet will sit well inside. Consider the tips outlined in this article, and I hope you make the right choice when shopping for your next shoe online. Leave a comment if this article has been helpful to you.

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