Why Shopping Online Is Better Than In Physical Stores

If you could compare today’s world to what it was 20 years ago, you would see that a lot has changed over the years. In terms of buying and selling, it was majorly carried out in a physical place such as markets, shopping malls, etc. 

This means of buying had so many disadvantages attached to it, including transportation barriers, language barriers, and poor customer service. But today, a lot has changed as a person can stay at the comfort of their home and make orders online to be delivered to them. 

While shopping online, make sure to read reviews of online shops at Luminablog to avoid scams or loss of money and here are the reasons why shopping online is a far better choice:

1. Transportation Expenses is Reduced

Especially when you are buying heavy items or in bulk, buying from a physical store can drain all the money you have on you. Assuming you are not shopping within your state or country and want what you purchased to be conveyed to your home, it will take a large chunk of money. 

This is not the case while shopping at online shops; sometimes, you are even offered free delivery depending on the purchase you made. 

Even if the amount paid for delivery is compared, you will see that shopping online would slash almost 60% of what you will pay for delivery while shopping offline. 

2. 24 Hours Shopping:

Most of the physical shops, if not all, are usually active during the day and weekdays, so if you need something by 2 am, or on Sundays, you may not be able to get it. But that’s not the case in online shopping. 

You have the opportunity to shop anywhere, at any time you like, be it 2 am or Sundays, so long as you have a good internet connection, you will be able to shop for what you need online. 

3. You Get Cheaper Deals Online:

Sometimes there can be a monopoly at physical stores. So when a particular store knows that they are the only shop that offers a specific product in one specific location, they may hike the price up since they are the sole distributor. 

Online, there are hundreds, if not thousands of shops where you can buy a particular product assuming it is expensive at another shop. Online shops are also known to offer huge discounts on their products than physical shops.

4. You Can Filter What You Want

If you have been to a physical store, you would know that it can be almost impossible to get the exact thing you want at the price and quality or quantity you want it to be at physical shops. But when you are shopping at online stores, it has filters that you can use and get the exact thing you want, at the price range and quality or quantity. 

5. It Conserves Time And Transport Costs:

The time and transportation cost it will take you to go to a physical shop can be conserved by online shopping for whatever you need. Going to the shop next door can be contained, but shopping online becomes the ultimate choice when it is far away from where you stay. 


Buying and selling have changed over the years, from the producers controlling the market to consumers being the king of the market. There has been a debate on the type of buying and selling that is better between physical and online. The following reasons above will make you see why online shopping is better. 

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