Top 4 Funniest Andrew Garfield Interview Moments

After the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universes film; Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s no wonder why many people are now wondering what the previous Spider-Men are up to now.

And will Andrew Garfield reprise his role for a third installment of The Amazing Spider-Man? We take a look at Andrew Garfield’s funniest moments, that range from interview bloopers to movie mishaps. 

Andrew Garfield Wired Interview: 

To start we have a video of Andrew Garfield doing the Wired autocomplete interview. As soon as the video starts, Garfield is making comments about why you should not google yourself. And then another moment in the video, is when he is asked if he has social media. To which he responds that he has a ‘couple of creeper accounts.’ 

Source: YouTube @WIRED

The Graham Norton Show – Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield Kiss At The Golden Globes: 

At number three, we have the iconic video from the 2017 Golden Globes where Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds kiss. Garfield went on to describe the moment on the Graham Norton show. 

Source: YouTube @BBC America

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon : 

At number two, we have a video from The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon where Andrew Garfield is accused of being in the new Spider-man: No Way Home film. Upon asking for evidence of an alleged photograph of him and Toby Maguire on set, Fallon says that the photo has been erased.

Here’s Garfield’s reaction: 

Source: YouTube @The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Late Late Show With James Corden :

And lastly, we have a video of Andrew Garfield on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2016 where a small audio clip is played of him sleep talking. 

Source: YouTube @The Late Late Show with James Corden