5 Important Tips That Can Make You Stunning on Your Besties’ Wedding Party

When you are chosen as a bridesmaid by a bride, either because you are a family member or one of her best friends, keep in mind that she is placing great trust in you, and expects a lot from you to support her as possible as you, when this happens, there is usually enough time to get to the wedding day, this lapse must be used efficiently.

Although it is clear that the protagonist is the bride, it is very normal that you want to dazzle at the party with your bridesmaid dress, so we are going to give you very important tips to look radiant and catch the eyes on the big night.

1-Work on your figure

When you are selected as maid of honor, you have a valuable time to start a daily exercise routine to tone your body to look slim on the wedding day. And you can additionally plan a diet high in protein and low in fat, and be sure to hydrate properly, to help you lose the extra pounds you have.

Take advantage of the amount of activities in which you have to help the bride, so that you are moving all those days and eliminate all the calories you can, these steps can guarantee that the day of the big party, you will look great physically.

2-Follow the rules of protocol

ln the preparations for the wedding, is included the selection of the bridesmaid dress, where you will participate helping the bride to choose models and colors, use your cunning to achieve, instead your imposing. The selected model must go well with your body and figure. Remember that the bride has a protocol for her wedding, where the way that will look their ladies is part of it dress. And the headdress, accessories must be strictly related to this protocol and the theme of the wedding.

Collaborate with the bride in the selection of the bridesmaid dress, and remember that it is best to purchase them in the same store. It will more convenience and perhaps more cheap.

Online fashion store CICNIA offers the most fantastic models in bridesmaid dress, which can be found in the market, with the guarantee of being dresses of cuts designs and fabrics that are not found anywhere else, as they are unique exclusivity of them.

3-Makeup and Hairstyle

In many activities of person lives, you have to know how to take advantage of the right moments and situations to be successful and this is one of the advantageous situations from which you have to get good fruits. Since in terms of makeup and hairstyle, there is freedom in the protocols of the bride, so it is one of the points to which you must devote special attention. Seek prior advice so that you look a makeup that highlights your potential, without exaggerating, that makes you shine but look very natural at the same time.

Depending on the shape of your face, look for the most attractive alternative, wet loose hairstyles are very fashionable and make you look daring and natural, an elegant braid can also be an option.

The really important thing is that you should take advantage of the makeup and hairstyle to highlight the best of your face, and hide the areas that you do not like, so you can stand out and look seductive.

4-Combine the accessories with the look

The secret is balance. Remember that the less is more, you should not exaggerate to not look overloaded, simplicity will make you look more natural. Find out what suits you best with the look that has been selected. Neutral colors are easy to combine, provide joy to dress, use

necklaces and headbands with small stones and flowers is an alternative that can go well with different types of look, always looking elegant.

5-Use the right shoes and handbag

Depending on the time of the wedding, you should choose a pair of shoes. Shoes are a very important piece that can highlight a bridesmaid dress for evening parties should be more formal. The heels should be 10 to 12 centimeters high and the model should match perfectly with the dress. The bag should not be exaggerated, but elegant and attractive. 

You can find several very attractive models in CICNIA, which will guarantee you a stylish combination to become the most attractive lady of the night. They also sell many fashion and beautiful kinds of shoes that you can wear on wedding or all any other important occasions.

ln conclusion, the idea is to look authentic and dazzling but with simplicity and harmony, there will be no looks that will resist the majesty of your presence at the wedding of your best friend!

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